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  1. Hello, How to search for a particular row in a table using an expression? I am using a time path and want to select the time in that path from a table depending upon the type of entity. There is an option to write an expression in the 'Time' field in time path, but I don't now how to search table using an expression. Thanks
  2. Hi, Is it possible in SIMIO to do simulation involving physical constraints of objects? Like I don't want objects to overlap or collide, workers/vehicles should stop before it. Physical width of paths/corridors and size of workers is considered, and we can oberve the congestion on the path. I am doing a simulation of a building, and it AGVs,Workers,Vehicles,Entities all are moving. Is this possible to do in SIMIO?
  3. Hi, I wanted to know whether we can code some functions for an object/new object and assign it in some C++,Java or other language. Like at present we are creating processes using 'Common Steps', can we create new Steps by coding? If yes, how to do it? And where can we get consolidated information (what elements can use this function,what are the parameters,what does it return ..) of "ALL" the inbuilt functions in SIMIO, like DestinationNode,Nearest,Location,PreviousNode etc. ?? Where to find help/documentation of this?
  4. Hi, I think the problem is that the elevator reads the destination of the riding entities and tries to transport it to that destination. So if have set the destination of the entity as some sink/server node (not one of the elevatornodes associated with that elevator) then once the elevator reaches at "height" of the "destination" it just "drop off" the entitites directly. Elevator detects that it has reached its destination by comparing "y" location of it with the destination's. So as soon as the elevator reaches that height, it just drops off and the entities directly appear at the destination node. It works perfectly fine when we assign destination node as one of the elevator node (Animation in this case makes sense). I think if elevator can find out the "nearest elevatornode" to the destination of entity and set the elevator destination to this elevator node (not the destination of entity), then it will work fine. I tried to do this, but some problem is coming in implementation using the "existing" common steps in process blocks. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. Here is an example model (Google Drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw5l6A_EscidSGNCUFd1SUR4dVE/view?usp=sharing It contains the problem that I am facing and discussing above. How can it be solved?
  6. The vehicle is not moving in free space. I have already selected 'Network Only' at all nodes. If I set destination as one of the elevator nodes, it works fine. But if I set destination of entity as one of the sink (not elevator node of that level) , the vehicle (carrying entity or not carrying entity both case) after reaching the desired elevator node, does not appear to come out of it, it is directly transferred to destination node (some sink or other) without any motion. I have set the required destination of entity (sink at another floor). I am not setting the destination of vehicle, as I want it to work on demand, I think it should automatically take the destination of whichever entity it is carrying/is allocated to carry.
  7. There is another PROBLEM when I try to move entities using workers/vehicles. (AIM: Workers carrying entities are moving in between different levels in a building, After delivering one entity workers which are free need to go to sources on different levels to pick another entity on demand). If I choose sequence at elevator node, then it gives error - Worker does not have any destination sequence and error in finding first and last node for elevator. Since I want worker to move around whenever demand is raised I cannot assign it a fix sequence. I cannot choose a specific destination for elevator nodes as entities with destination of different floors are coming. I tried by detecting which entity is coming to the elevator node and accordingly changing it destination (destination - specific) but in this I donot know how to handle movement of free workers without entity (on demand). When I chose continue at elevator nodes workers were going to the destination (assigned to the entities) to drop the carried entities, after reaching an elevator node worker is directly transferred to destination, does not move on path. Same thing happens when worker is moving without entity, from the elevator node to destination it is directly transferred with out movement on path. Please help me with this.
  8. Thanks. It is working fine. I had made connection error in some other place.
  9. Thanks Dave. Assigning an operator to a vehicle is a new technique I learned. Using the elevator object form Extra Library referenced, I am able to transfer cart/workers along with the entity to different floors. Question regarding elevator object in Extra Library viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2478 : The destination of the elevator is set by the elevator node, but in multistory case what if two entities come to an elevator node and one wants to go to level 2 , other to level 3? I dont think this elevator object is that general to handle this.
  10. Hi, I am trying to make a 3D model of a hospital. I want workers and carts (which are of vehicle type) carrying the entity to move between different floors using elevator. The problem is that I have an elevator which itself is made using a vehicle object (taken from Sample Simbit Solutions) and it is transferring only the entity to other floor and the worker/cart stays there only (the reason which I think is that a vehicle object cannot transport another vehicle object). What can be possible solutions for this?
  11. Thank you willem and Jbeltran. I am able to move objects at approximate heights now. For exact heights, assigning it as symbol is a good idea. Another way which I am thinking of is first make the model with only objects (servers, sources and all in simio by giving them exact heights, without any figures of floors and building) and then to build an exact structure of building with all the floors (with precise design, curves, windows everything) in some other software like Autodesk/SolidWorks and importing the building figure as symbol to complete our model IN THE END. But initially working with approximate heights will help in making 3D model.
  12. Hi, I want to create a simulation model of multistory hospital. I am able to put servers, sources at a height above the ground level. But I don't know how to make the drawing of floors? I tried to create a rectangle but did not find any option to put the rectangle to some height above ground level. Also how to out symbols like bed, table at some height above ground?
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