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  1. I have two models in a project, one which handles supply (results in trucks being routed to one of several sinks) and one which handles demand (various sources). I would like to connect the sink of my supply model to the source of the demand model. Can I transfer entities between models? Or do I need to manually copy and paste each object from one of my models into the other to allow for the transfer of entities? This may be very simple, sorry if I'm the annoying newbie! Joy
  2. Hi, I'm already assigning resources based on priority, but if I have a high-priority entity hit a certain point and there are no resources available (capacity ==0), I want to branch off and have a resource "stolen" from a lower priority entity so that my high-pri entity can get service. Does this imply a release-seize? Maybe I could fire an event and all my low-pri processes are listening to do a release? But how could I make it so that not everyone dumps their resource? Or is this a "Move"? Note that there isn't actual movement, so I'm not sure if this applies. Any tips gratefully received! I'm not sure even how to use "Candidate" well, in order to see if the "Candidate"s Owner is a low-pri entity or not.
  3. pm0kjp

    Remove a Texture

    Thanks so much Christine! This did the trick and I wouldn't have found it on my own... very grateful! Joy
  4. pm0kjp

    Remove a Texture

    Thanks, but no object is actually using the texture, but it's still part of my project graphics. Is there any way to remove it?
  5. Hi all, I added a too-big texture file that bogs down processing. I can see how to remove *symbols*, but how can I remove a texture? I'm flummoxed. Thanks for any pushes in the right direction. Joy
  6. pm0kjp

    Adding a custom property

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This did the trick, thank you for your very specific instructions for a newbie. I will pay it forward! Joy
  7. Hi all, I'm very very new and would like to add a custom property to the servers in my model -- a Financials property called Income (or Revenue or whatever). I can go to the Definitions / Properties panel to create a new ExpressionProperty and set it up to have Financials as the Category Name, give it a Currency unit in USD, add a display name and description, but I can't then see that property I created when I go to my model. I'm sure this is Simio 101, but I can't find a video or text that describes "adding a custom property". Can you help? I've spent hours on this and ready to throw in the towel. I'm on 9.147 in a Student license (I'm a grad student -- Simio told me that additional help was not available to undergrads, not sure if stating I'm a grad student would help!) Thanks for a push in the right direction! Joy