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  1. HI Team, Found the issue. Since I have 2 table (different names) for 2 lines, I have the same naming for the orders (Order01, order02....). the system rename the duplicated name using the product name. Regards, Htatton
  2. Hello Team, Question, on the simulation that I'm working. I want to be able to choose the worker that could do the task. for example I have 4 stations where we perform welding and grinding. the Welder can do welding and grinding, but the grinders can only do grinding. since I have 4 stations i'm using the process time as the welding time and the teardown as grinding time. currently, I have as secondary resources the welders for setup and process and the grinders for teardown. I have 2 welders and 2 grinders. I would like to be able to call either a welder or grinder to perform the grinding (teardown) task. because on most time both grinder are busy and I can use a welder to do the task. Thanks for your inputs. Htatton
  3. Hi Team, Good morning, I have a question that I need support. On my simulation under Planning tab then Entity workflow I see the Orders that I created, but also some other items that I don't know where those came from. that is using resources. for example, I highlight on the picture attached on red color. OrderWIP01 is waiting for the grinder [1] on the finish1_1, when I looked for it, I saw that is on Phx4.89. What is that Phx4.89? Phx4 is one of the names of the entities. but why does appear as entity and not as a Order? At the moment I looking for why to increase the output, as the simulation is giving me 17 unit per shift, but engineering said that it should be around 20. I want to make sure the simulation is done correctly. Thanks in advance. Regards, Htatton Arm-boom-draft-R1-test-092718-Test-Scheduled-3tacking.spfx
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