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  1. Sadly I can't open it since you've simulated it with the newest version of simio. I'm forced to use v8 since my university has only this version installed. The same problem is at my own desktop with university key license. Could you model it in Simio v8?
  2. I updated my data table like I was told by Simbit "AppointmentArrivals" but I don't understand how I can edit it so that I can bound a specific number of arrivals to this time. At the moment it works like that, that to this specific time exactly 1 entity is created. And that's by far nothing like it should look like. I've already imported data from a database, so I think this is clear for me.
  3. So far its working with a list, thx a lot. The only problem is, that my entities go sometimes to the specific table and leave it to go to another table even if the first one was free. That is kinda weird : / and I have no explanation for this attitude. Meanwhile I've encountered another problem. Is there a possibility to import a rate table? Right now I'm using the "Standard" rate table and access it in my source via Arrival Mode Time Varying Arrival Rate and than the name of my rate table. So far understandable? But I would like to import my rate table data via Database. But there is no option in the tab "Data" -> "Rate Tables". So how can I manage to import a rate table with the exact structure like the original rate table? ( Starting Offset | Ending Offset | Rate (events per hour) ) My data research is already finished, but I have no clue how to manage this structure problem. I'm thankful for every help you can send
  4. Thx so far. Will try it out and keep you updated. I've should have mentioned that my flow is managed with servers: Input@ServiceStation (Server) -> Input@CashPoint (Server) -> Input@Table (Server) -> Input@Sink I'm still figuring out, what your answer exactly means. It was my bad to mention the word "table" since I'm from Germany my first intention, when writing about tables(same translation), was the object where the people sit around and eat and not the "chart". I don't know if this was clear for you aswell, maybe your answer would be different?
  5. Hello Simio-Community, i have a problem with my simulation about a canteen. Is it possible to create a sequence table without following a whole strict flow? The usual way would be that the entities go: Input@ServiceStation -> Input@CashPoint -> Input@Table -> Input@Sink What I want is a modification when it comes to the tables. The Input before and after the tables is strict and works fine, but after the CashPoint I would like to put in some kind of random function like Input@Random(Table_1-Table_24), so that the entities decision is kinda free. Input@ServiceStation -> Input@CashPoint -> Input@Random(Table_1-Table_24) -> Input@Sink Is this understandable? It would be also interesting if I could implement a check function for the entities if the table is free of capacity, so that they won't go for a already full table. It's the 1st time I'm working with this tool and it's just for 1 semester and i've gathered all knowledge by myself, without any mentionable help by professor. :-/ I've watched a lot of videos about simio and also read in the simio reference guide, but at this point I really need the help of you. Sereghon
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