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  1. I want to assign a set of attributes to the grid cells and then pull out those attributes every time that my entity is on that specific cell. We can get the xyz coordinate while the entities are moving but I'm interested in knowing which grid cell they are on. do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Kati
  2. I was wondering if the background grid has unique IDs for grid cells. If yes, is there any way to get the location information of objects related to the grid cells as opposed to specific x,y,z coordinates? Thanks, Kati
  3. Hi Petr. How do I add this add-in to my Simio?
  4. Is there any way to draw straight lines or paths in Simio? Like holding F8 or Shift?
  5. I have two workers in my model and trying to get the bellow expression values on an attached floor label for one of my workers: WrkA.Location.X: {Math.Round(Location.X)} WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Location(0,0,0): {DirectDistanceTo.Location(0,0,0)} WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB)} WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1)} The first and second expression show the value of expression on the run and work fine. But the third and forth expressions using the DirectDistanceTo.Object(object) function show the expression itself (instead of the resulted value). I tried this with status labels and still don't get results. Am I missing something? Thanks, Kati
  6. I have limited number of nodes and workers so it wouldn't be a problem to repeat the process for each node/worker. I have 6 node with a boolean state assigned to them. Three of them are assigned "true" and the other three to "false". I want to calculate the time that each worker spends in each "true" node and then have the total time spent in "true" nodes for each worker. I set Add-on process triggers for one of the workers and used processed logic. On "Entered node", I collected Tally statistics of TimeEntered using the expression of "Run.TimeNow". On "ExitedNode", I collected Tally statistics of TimeExited using the same expression. I have the time entered and exited from the node, but couldn't calculate the time in between (which is time spent in the node) since the Tally statistics are referenced elements and are not numbers to be subtracted, I guess. any hints on how to solve this? Thanks.
  7. I have a network of transfer nodes with workers moving between them. I want to calculate the time that each worker spends in each node. How do that? Thanks, Kati
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