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  1. MichelD

    Different entities, same server, different sinks

    I see, alright, thanks! I have access to Simio on Friday again and will test it out then
  2. MichelD

    Different entities, same server, different sinks

    Thanks! Yes, the first solution was really simple and worked for entities not riding on a transporter, however, riding on transporters doesn't work with this solutin neither. If I let entities ride on a transporter from Server1 to Sink1/2, it again chooses the Sink randomly, even if I set the Selection Weight to "Is.ModelEntity1" and "IsDefaultEntity". I didn't try the 2nd solution just yet, but I feel like this will be the same outcome.
  3. Hey there, I tried this for several hours now and I just don't seem to be able to get it to work, so I thought I might just ask here because I have a feeling the solution is simple... The Problem is that I have 2 sources, 2 sinks and a single server. Both sources have different entities which are being processed by the same server. After being processed by the server, Entity 1 should go to Sink 2 and Entity 2 to Sink 1 without exception. I got it to work with setting networks for the entities. However, when I want those entities to ride on a transporter they start to choose a sink randomly. Here is my main idea of it (I know that this won't work like this with transporters, I just wanted to visualize my general idea in case you didn't understand what i meant) A transporter should now bring Entities from Source1/Source2 to the Server and DIFFERENT transporters should bring the processed entities from Server1 to Sink1/Sink2. As I already mentioned, I know the model above doesn't work with transporters for several reasons, but my main model I tried to implement my idea with just got so confusing I thought I'd just show a simplyfied image of my intentions thanks in advance!