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  1. I want to show total change over time on a response in Experiment. But, I don't know how to type on Expression of response. I tried like this "Workstation1.ResourceState.TotalTime(ChangeoverLogic.TotalChangeoverTime)" , but it didn't work. How can I do?
  2. Thank you. As you said, I tried to make setup work rightly. So, I make same way with Simbit "WorkstationWithSequenceDependentSetup". However, I think Simio consider all my entities to Pallet (Parent entity) as there is combiners before going to Workstation. Because of this, changeover is not working. How can I solve this problem?? Also, I need to proceed entity with batch as this Machining center make a product 100cs at once. Therefore, I have to use Combiner. Moreover, I don't have enough time to finish this modeling. So I asked you many things on a time. What I mean about question 2 is that I want the number of entities going to Workstation to be variables using property. So I want to control how many workstations changeover occurs each time I process it. For example, if 10 of M1s go to workstation and then 10 of M2s go, a change over will occur for every 10. I want to control this number!!!
  3. There are 4 entities and they go to workstation with setup time. 1. From Combiners to Workstation(Machining1), I set up the changeover time but it didn't work. I don't know why. (Maybe simio cognize all to pallet) 2. I want to make property about setup like trigger for changeover. For example, at first, 5 of M1 entities go to workstation and then 5 of M2 entities go to workstation. That is the number of changeover property. I think I can if I use ranking rule and process logic but I failed. Please let me know how to solve these. Sample Layout.spfx
  4. I already tried it. But there are no examples related in my case in Simbits and Examples. Isn't it possible to make changeover trigger like every 5 entities or 6 entities or 7 entities and so on? I tried many methods below. 1) data - changeover matrix --> but the error happened. I followed Principle11. Even I tried to modify the Principle11 file. However, when I make 4 entities, errors happened. Only when there are two entities A and B can be processed. 2) Definitions - states --> make a real state variable. After that, I made a process decide, assign, assign. For using Ranking rule, I made like decide(tmpM1<=5)-->assign(modelentity.priority+1)-->assign(tmpM1+1) repeat it. And if decide is false, decide(tmpM2<=5)-->assign(modelentity.priority+1)-->assign(tmpM2+1) repeat it. But I couldn't solve the changeover trigger like this method. Now, Changeover function is a problem and also trigger can't be made. I did my best enough. But actually, there are not enough datas for studying Simio yet.
  5. Thank you for your help. Though you tried to help me and I felt so thanks, it's not easy for me to understand the highlights. Can you attach some examples on my SI Discussion board??
  6. Because of my lousy English, it is not easy to communicate I mean a file, Principle14FlexibleBuffers in Examples\ProcessImprovementPrinciples. At this file, in Experiment function, we can set up the number of LocalBuffer. Like this, I want to make constrains the number of entity based on type going to workstation.
  7. I'm sorry, I mean that not about source. I want to make constrains about routing. about the number of going to workstation.
  8. Thank you. I found the dispatching rule --> least setup time. But, Can't I make constrains the number of input like as I said? For example, 10 of Entity1 come and after that, 10 of Entity2 come. And I modify the number of entity 10 to 9 or 8 or etc.
  9. Thank you for reply. I already know about RandomRow function. I want to know the point when the process of workstation is finished the entity is created and Question 1.
  10. I'm making a manufacturing model. I have four entities. I want to set 2 points on the below. 1. from transforter node to workstation, entities go to worksations which has the shortest queuing time including changeover time. If I can, I want to make constrains that the number of entities go to workstation. For example, 2 of A are proceed and 2 of B, 3 of A are proceed and 3 of B like this. 2. The entities are generated following ratio and also generated when the process of workstation is finished. Please let me know how can I do. Thank you.
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