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  1. Travis

    Experiment - Response : total changeover time

    Thank you for your help! I did it!!_ :)
  2. Travis

    Experiment - Response : total changeover time

    I want to show total change over time on a response in Experiment. But, I don't know how to type on Expression of response. I tried like this "Workstation1.ResourceState.TotalTime(ChangeoverLogic.TotalChangeoverTime)" , but it didn't work. How can I do?
  3. Travis

    Setup Property

    Thank you. As you said, I tried to make setup work rightly. So, I make same way with Simbit "WorkstationWithSequenceDependentSetup". However, I think Simio consider all my entities to Pallet (Parent entity) as there is combiners before going to Workstation. Because of this, changeover is not working. How can I solve this problem?? Also, I need to proceed entity with batch as this Machining center make a product 100cs at once. Therefore, I have to use Combiner. Moreover, I don't have enough time to finish this modeling. So I asked you many things on a time. What I mean about question 2 is that I want the number of entities going to Workstation to be variables using property. So I want to control how many workstations changeover occurs each time I process it. For example, if 10 of M1s go to workstation and then 10 of M2s go, a change over will occur for every 10. I want to control this number!!!
  4. Travis

    Setup Property

    There are 4 entities and they go to workstation with setup time. 1. From Combiners to Workstation(Machining1), I set up the changeover time but it didn't work. I don't know why. (Maybe simio cognize all to pallet) 2. I want to make property about setup like trigger for changeover. For example, at first, 5 of M1 entities go to workstation and then 5 of M2 entities go to workstation. That is the number of changeover property. I think I can if I use ranking rule and process logic but I failed. Please let me know how to solve these.
  5. I already tried it. But there are no examples related in my case in Simbits and Examples. Isn't it possible to make changeover trigger like every 5 entities or 6 entities or 7 entities and so on? I tried many methods below. 1) data - changeover matrix --> but the error happened. I followed Principle11. Even I tried to modify the Principle11 file. However, when I make 4 entities, errors happened. Only when there are two entities A and B can be processed. 2) Definitions - states --> make a real state variable. After that, I made a process decide, assign, assign. For using Ranking rule, I made like decide(tmpM1<=5)-->assign(modelentity.priority+1)-->assign(tmpM1+1) repeat it. And if decide is false, decide(tmpM2<=5)-->assign(modelentity.priority+1)-->assign(tmpM2+1) repeat it. But I couldn't solve the changeover trigger like this method. Now, Changeover function is a problem and also trigger can't be made. I did my best enough. But actually, there are not enough datas for studying Simio yet.
  6. Thank you for your help. Though you tried to help me and I felt so thanks, it's not easy for me to understand the highlights. Can you attach some examples on my SI Discussion board??
  7. [quote="dsturrock"]Sounds like a job for a Combiner.[/quote] please help me!
  8. Because of my lousy English, it is not easy to communicate :cry: I mean a file, Principle14FlexibleBuffers in Examples\ProcessImprovementPrinciples. At this file, in Experiment function, we can set up the number of LocalBuffer. Like this, I want to make constrains the number of entity based on type going to workstation.
  9. I'm sorry, I mean that not about source. I want to make constrains about routing. about the number of going to workstation.
  10. Thank you. I found the dispatching rule --> least setup time. But, Can't I make constrains the number of input like as I said? For example, 10 of Entity1 come and after that, 10 of Entity2 come. And I modify the number of entity 10 to 9 or 8 or etc.
  11. Thank you for reply. I already know about RandomRow function. I want to know the point when the process of workstation is finished the entity is created and Question 1.
  12. I'm making a manufacturing model. I have four entities. I want to set 2 points on the below. 1. from transforter node to workstation, entities go to worksations which has the shortest queuing time [u]including changeover time[/u]. If I can, I want to make [u]constrains[/u] that the number of entities go to workstation. For example, 2 of A are proceed and 2 of B, 3 of A are proceed and 3 of B like this. 2. The entities are generated [u]following ratio[/u] and also generated [u]when[/u] the process of workstation is finished. Please let me know how can I do. Thank you.