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  1. Ahh, this makes sense. I have converted the cost calculated to miles. However, my total system cost is still off by $3-$4 million of what I expect it to be. I think I have figured out this is because my entities route out from outbound nodes at the servers by link weight. How accurate can I expect this to be? For example, entities traveling from Customs to either EaglePassDCa or EaglePassDCb are routed out by link weight. Selection weight for the path to DCa is 27.456 and DCb is 72.544. Since I have a maximum of 1993 arrivals, there should be 547 that are processed through DCa and 1,446 tha
  2. Ahh I see, okay I have set the PathTravelingCost for the ones left blank. However, I have intentionally left blank the add-on process for all other trucks because these trucks are meant to drop off the load at the first node they reach so this add-on process is not necessary for them. I have gotten my status label to work and display the transportation cost. However, the number that is being displayed seems to be much larger than it should be. For example, in the screenshot I've attached, the first truck that leaves the source and travels on MyPath1 to Customs should incur a cost of $308.
  3. Great, using the spreadsheet view made it MUCH easier to replace and edit my paths. I have added the cost center and defined Process1 but am still not able to view the total cost. I created a status label just as you did but mine will not increase in value when I run my model. I have attached my model, when you have a moment could you look at mine and see if you can tell what I did wrong? I compared your model to mine but can not seem to find any differences. Thank you! MeganVasshCurrentModel - Copy - Copy.spfx
  4. Perfect. I have set the cost multiplier for each path that my SteelTruck will travel on. How will I view the total transportation cost that we have created the state variable ModelTotalTransportationCost for? It currently doesn't show up anywhere in my results after a run. Also, for the many paths that link servers directly to sinks (the paths which my BoomTruck travels on), I am looking for a way around replacing each of these paths with subclassed objects from MyPath. These paths are each charged at the same rate of 1.82 per mile so there is no need to go in and set a different PathTravel
  5. Great, thank makes sense. My model is running without error now. The next step I need to take is to set the cost multiplier for each path. I am unclear how to go about this. I am thinking I will be duplicating the property PathTravelingCost within MyPath object for each path and setting the cost multiplier for each. Is this the right way to go about it or where will I need to enter the cost multiplier for each path?
  6. Very helpful, thank you! I have subclassed MyPath and MyVehicle and created the real property, TravelingCost, and overridden the required logic. I have replaced all vehicles with subclassed counterparts and have began to replace paths as well. When I run the model, I have come across an error. I have attached a snippet of the error and have attached my model. Do you have any clue as to what is causing this error? Thank you in advance! MeganVasshCurrentModel - Copy.spfx
  7. I am building a model of a distribution network. There are two separate types of vehicles in my system. Steel trucks which transport entities from the source to the distribution centers, and boom trucks which transport entities on the final leg from the distribution centers to the sinks. Each of my distribution centers has boom trucks parked at the output node with the exception of "ElktonStagingYard" which should have no trucks parked at the output node. Each time an entity arrives at "ElktonStagingYard", a boom truck should travel from the nearest distribution center, "RockyMountDC", to "Elk
  8. Thank you. In my model, the charges incurred should be specific to each path that a vehicle travels on. So, the cost multiplier in my expression for that function should be different depending on which path the vehicle is traveling on. I have attached my model. For example, for vehicles traveling from EaglePassDCb to StrathmoreDC, the cost multiplier needs to be 2.65. But for vehicles traveling from EaglePassDCb to QuincyDC, the cost multiplier needs to be 1.95. Is there a way to set this up? Also, I am not sure what kind of function or property I should be creating this expression within and
  9. I have Maximum Arrivals at my Source set to 55,000. When I run my model, I get an error saying that "The maximum number in system limit for entities of type 'DefaultEntity' has been exceeded". The error message contains instructions saying "To increase the limit, refer to the 'Maximum Number In System Limit' property in the Population options of the entity type". I know this is likely an easy fix but I cannot seem to figure out where the property is located to change this.
  10. Rather than having my vehicles incur costs based on the number of riders or the unit time to transport entities, I want my vehicles to incur costs based on the number of miles traveled. Is this possible in Simio and how would I do this? Thank you in advance.
  11. Ok I have attached my model. I want entities to travel on Vehicles labeled "SteelTruck" from the source "ManufacturingPlant", through the Server "Customs", and then to either Separator "EaglePassDC1" or "EaglePasssDC1a" based on path selection weight. This so far seems to be working correctly. The entities should then either travel directly from "EaglePassDC1" on a "BoomTruck" Vehicle to one of the attached sinks, or from "EaglePassDC1a" still on a "SteelTruck" vehicle to one of the 4 other Separators/Servers, "StrathmoreDC", "QuincyDC", "RockyMountDC", or "ElktonStagingYard". It seems that my
  12. I have a separator which is only utilizing 1 of the 4 output nodes I have created for it. The node that is being utilized is the Parent Output; The member output and 2 transfer nodes which I added are not being utilized. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you Judy. I have tried this and am still having problems. It seems that when I use a server and change the Outbound Link Rule to By Link Weight, vehicles bring entities to the server, the server processes them, and then the vehicle continues along a path from the outbound node at the server without any entities. How do I ensure that vehicles will NOT continue to next server without taking the entities with them?
  14. The problem I am having is that entities are processing through the Separator and then are all being routed out through the Parent Node. How do I tell the Separator to route a certain percentage of entities out through the Member Node? A little bit about my model: I am modeling a distribution network in which one type of vehicle must carry entities from the source to the main distribution center and then to sub-distribution centers and another type of vehicle must pick these entities up at the sub-distribution centers and carry them to the sink. However, I want some of the entities (
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