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    Stairway Path Decorator

    Thanks, Dave. I wonder if anyone has already created code to create something that looks like a functional stairway path decorator. It doesn't look like it would be too much trouble to do trial and error, but I'd like to avoid re-inventing the wheel, if possible.
  2. Hello, Where can I find a stairway path decorator? There's even an image of one in the help, but nothing in the path decorator library. Thanks, Ryan
  3. If anyone has an example they can share that meets the following criteria, I would appreciate it: Multiple entities created using state variable assignments and two sources Routing logic using these state variable entities through multiple servers State variable specific processing in each server
  4. Hi Gocken, What I'm trying to do is create 4 different entity types from 2 sources and then assign sequences to each to route a path through 5 servers. There would actually only be 2 model entities. The entities would be assigned states to differentiate one from the other. The server process times will depend on the entity being processed. I know that I need to create relational tables, but for some reason can't seem to get all of the entities to go in the correct sequences. Thanks
  5. Hello All, I have 2 sources and 2 model entities (one for each source). The second model entity references a state variable, which splits the entity into 4 different classes, each with it's own incidence percentage. If I have a sequence table, how do I go about referencing the states directly? As of right now, I am only able to reference and key 2 model entities and I need to be able to reference all 5. Thanks
  6. Hello All, I'm trying to create a model that will keep track of processing time for each transaction processed and reroute transactions that exceed a processing time threshold to an alternate sink. Initially, I attempted to rework the "Remove from Allocation Queue" Simbit, but the "Remove" process only seems to work with queues. The model itself is very simple. Single source with a random exponential inter-arrival time, single processor with capacity of 50 and 2 sinks; one for completed transactions and one for long running transactions which are manually routed. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ryan