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  1. Hi everyone, I have the following question, regarding this: If I run my model for 200 times in the Experiment section, how could I get the Server utilization over time? I mean over all of these 200 replications I want to get the figures for the average sever utilization in different special time periods (over the Simulation run). So I want to see how the average utilization is in time 1, time 2, time 3 and so on.... Please provide me with Information, to set this up. Thanks in advance. Best regards
  2. Hi everyone, I want to use Dashboards, but therefor I have to set the property LogResourceUsage in the Advanced Options field for different objects to TRUE. But that's the currenty problem. This property is not existing in my Version (8.). I already set the property to visible true, but it's still not appearing. Could anybody help me with this issue? Thank you. best regards
  3. Hi everyone, I have following issue: People arrive at a station (either server or workstation, I'm not sure about which to choose for my model) and stay at this station (person is not moving until all of the following 5 steps are completed). Afterwards following steps appear: 1. worker (A) is doing a process step at the person 2. Another (different) worker (B) is doing a process step at the person 3. The person is doing a "process step" by his own 4. Worker (B) is doing another process step 5. Worker (A) is doing another process step Afterwards the person leaves the
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