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  1. Hi everyone, I have the following question, regarding this: If I run my model for 200 times in the Experiment section, how could I get the Server utilization over time? I mean over all of these 200 replications I want to get the figures for the average sever utilization in different special time periods (over the Simulation run). So I want to see how the average utilization is in time 1, time 2, time 3 and so on.... Please provide me with Information, to set this up. Thanks in advance. Best regards
  2. Hi, thank you for your respond. But could you just tell me what I have to write in the Expression and lable property Edition of the Status plot (as seen attached)? And also for the write step, would you just let me know what I have to write in the properties of this step. My Server is called VU1 and I want to trigger the utilization over time. Do I have to set other things before as well= Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone, I Need your help. Could anybody tell me, how I could get the utilization of a Server over simulated time? I want to get the Server utilization over time in a graph. How I have to use the Dashboards? I'm relly lost in this Dashboard Topic and there is not SimBit available for working with Dashboards. Please respond to me! Best regards.
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    Hi everyone, I want to use Dashboards, but therefor I have to set the property LogResourceUsage in the Advanced Options field for different objects to TRUE. But that's the currenty problem. This property is not existing in my Version (8.). I already set the property to visible true, but it's still not appearing. Could anybody help me with this issue? Thank you. best regards
  5. Hi everyone, I have following issue: People arrive at a station (either server or workstation, I'm not sure about which to choose for my model) and stay at this station (person is not moving until all of the following 5 steps are completed). Afterwards following steps appear: 1. worker (A) is doing a process step at the person 2. Another (different) worker (B) is doing a process step at the person 3. The person is doing a "process step" by his own 4. Worker (B) is doing another process step 5. Worker (A) is doing another process step Afterwards the person leaves the station. Could anybody help me with modelling this? Do I have to use a server or a workstation? Do I have to subclass an object? And how in all to modell this. Thank you! Best wishes