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  1. Hi, I have to register the moment when a workstation stops to work entities? How do that? ..I'm not able to find the right expression for the state variable Thank you
  2. hi, maybe i have found a solution for the problem...i have created a new queue before the member input buffer and the search step searches for entities in this queue and then entities are transfered to MemberIputBuffer.
  3. thank you .. I create a status label with the expression "CombinerName.MemberInputBuffer.Contents" and it shows me the right number of entities in the queue, but in the trace i see that search step finds 0 item and the process doesn't work:(
  4. Hi, I have a problem with entities in the queue. The process is in the MemberInputBuffer of a Combiner and I have to create different materials for each entities in the queue. So I put in the process a search step searching for entities and then other steps (assign, delay etc) to go to other tables to create the materials related to each specific entity. The problem is in the first search because in “collection type" I have written “entity population” and in “entityType” there is the reference to a table with all the entities in the system. I need to search only the entities in the queue of MemberInputBuffer (and now the steps search all entities in the system) but I'm not able to find the right "match condition" to restrict the search only to the queue. Can you help me? thank you Best Regards Irene
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