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  1. Thank you Dave. To answer your question. No, I don't need 5000 entity instances for this setup to get OR utilization. If I were to add the specific Surgical Procedure Type then the sampling will give me specifics. I can just replace the column. But this was an easy way for me that I knew to get the model working right with the sequence table. I'll go back to see about using one and calling it "Patient". I have a question though about scheduling. My time dates are only looking at surgical cases Monday through Thursday. The important factor is that the utilization should only measure b
  2. Need some direction on creating mass load of entities. Attached is my file for version 10.174. Haven’t updated yet to 187. In the file I have two models: VIR_Workflow and CVOR. I’m trying to recreate what I did in VIR_Workflow where I imported a table of all the entities. It would be daunting to creating hundreds of individual entities. I want to do the same thing with CVOR however, it did not load to create the entities itself as I thought is capable of doing. There’s over 5000 entities for this model. I have also attached the CVS files I used to import data. Please advise the best way t
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