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  1. Thank you Dave. To answer your question. No, I don't need 5000 entity instances for this setup to get OR utilization. If I were to add the specific Surgical Procedure Type then the sampling will give me specifics. I can just replace the column. But this was an easy way for me that I knew to get the model working right with the sequence table. I'll go back to see about using one and calling it "Patient". I have a question though about scheduling. My time dates are only looking at surgical cases Monday through Thursday. The important factor is that the utilization should only measure b
  2. Need some direction on creating mass load of entities. Attached is my file for version 10.174. Haven’t updated yet to 187. In the file I have two models: VIR_Workflow and CVOR. I’m trying to recreate what I did in VIR_Workflow where I imported a table of all the entities. It would be daunting to creating hundreds of individual entities. I want to do the same thing with CVOR however, it did not load to create the entities itself as I thought is capable of doing. There’s over 5000 entities for this model. I have also attached the CVS files I used to import data. Please advise the best way t
  3. Thank you for the response. I was able to use a program that provided the parameters I needed. Minitab is great but has different fundamentals it is using or at least what results it shows differs.
  4. I have distributions that best fit my data for the processing time: Loglogistic and Johnson Transformation. When I setup the distribution for either in SIMIO, the value fields it is asking for doesn't line up with information I got. I used minitab to output the distribution information. Johnson transformation function: -0.370144 + 1.14168 × Asinh( ( X - 51.3241 ) / 16.7236 ) Location 0.04322 Scale 0.93376 Loglogistics Location 4.04473 Scale 0.17446 In SIMIO for loglogistic, it wants a shape but no shape value is given for loglogistics. Johnson Tranformation has two type SB
  5. Thank you Dave for your assistance. We had to go through some paperwork to get the Simio updated to the latest version. Now had a chance to review the model. We had some questions on the results. The ScheduledUtilization for the Popoluation and Resource is hard to interrupt what it means. I can't make sense of the values given. Along with Units Allocated, UnitsScheduled and UnitsUtilized. TimeBusy and TimeIdel appears to make sense. TimeoffShift and TimeoffShiftBusy seems off. I would expect near 16 hours of Time off shift. Needs some help getting clarity how those values p
  6. Some additional questions to the model. I have attached the file of the model. We created a table that lists when the orders are generated (aka Patients entering the system). We have the middle column listing the day the patient is seen (worked on in the server) and the last column of the worker that sees that patient. We were able to tie the worker by listing a reference in the Secondary Resource section. Questions: 1) Our model is not accurately pulling the workers at the time indicated to the appropriate entity. The model will be built with multiple servers to indicated
  7. I see, this gives some clarity. Having Arrival table automatically reference the data in the row is very convenient. I had trouble conceptually thinking how the entity in the system would know which one it is from the reference table to know to pull the right worker. I would have to ensure everything matches from the PT names to the table. I would make the Server refer to the Arrivals table the date Order Completed and worker needed.
  8. Thank you for the input. I'll go back to redesign the logic for the model.
  9. Currently working on the logic piece for the design of the simulation. We have a simple source, server and sink operation to model a current state hospital operation. Our model is going to be based off the data shown below. PATIENT _____ ORDER CREATED _________ ORDER COMPLETED ________ PT Patient 1 _____ 2016/05/06 09:19:00 _____ 2016/05/06 13:35:00 _____ Jane Patient 2 _____ 2016/06/09 15:59:00 _____ 2016/06/10 12:36:00 _____ Mike Patient 3 _____ 2016/06/10 08:23:00 _____ 2016/06/10 12:36:00 _____ Luke Patient 4 _____ 2016/06/21 18:02:00 _
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