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  1. This light-weight add-in is for importing experiment from .csv file. In order to use that, just unzip the attachment and put the ImportExperiment.dll under the UserExtensions folder of your Simio. For those who want to check the source code, the whole solution is also inside the zip file. This add-in reads control values from you input file and creates scenarios. You can either create a new experiment for your model, or append scenarios to your existing experiment. The number of columns of your .csv file should be the same as the number of controls of your model. For example, if your model has three controls: NumDoctor, NumNurse, NumRoom, then running the add-in with the following input file will give you an experiment with 5 scenarios input.csv: 3, 3, 2 2, 3, 2 1, 3, 1 2, 2, 1 3, 1, 1 ImportExperiment.zip
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