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  1. Thank you Katie, your solution worked perfect!
  2. Hi, I created a custom object with a process that uses the Excelwrite step. I created a Reference property for the Excel Workbook in the Excelconnect Element as well as a reference property for the Worksheet in the Excel Write step. The idea is that when I use the custom object in my main model, I can define to which Excel Workbook and Worksheet the data must be written. The problem I have is that if I have two (or more) custom objects in my main model referencing the same workbook, but different worksheets, the data only gets written to one sheet for one of the custom objects. In other words, the other custom objects' data is not being written down. If I then delete the other worksheets and only try one custom object writing to one worksheet,it works fine. Should I have the data written down to multiple workbooks or is there a way to have multiple custom objects write to the same workbook on different sheets. Any help or ideas are welcome!
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