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  1. Maybe my application is easier. I would like to create a batch of 150 entities, but only the first and the last should go to a different server than other 148. To do that, I have created a transfer node and I created a procces with to decide node, asking if the entity is the first or the last. But it does not work.
  2. Hello. I would need to create a simulation where the first and the last entities created goes to a different server than other. To do that I have created a node with to exiting path where the rule is a decide and the rule is entity.id == 1 || 150. But when I start the simulation the first entity created has the id = 18. How can I put that the first entity created as the .1 ?? Thank you
  3. Hello: I need to know a value from a state of an entity which is been processing into a server. I've attached a label, but I don't know the instruction to know this. Let me explain better, I have a model entity with a state variable called String, the Value is a Name. I need, when an entity come in into a server and this server start to processing, show this state into a label. Thanks
  4. Hello Simio Insiders: I want to know if there are any way simpliest to know how is my model after the simulation ends, I've tried to attach some Status label where I write the numbers of entities there are there in the stations or the number of the resource state of the stations. Thats seems to me a good way to know but if you have a lot of servers and nodes, it could be tedious.
  5. Thank you so much, ptkolodziejczyk. I've done with your help. Thank you so much.
  6. No, I just only want to know the complete time of a transfernode has been occupied. I've been trying but I don't know how to see the time. If you could give me another clue I would appreciate it
  7. Maybe it's something trivial, but I want to know, a much time a transfernode is occupied by an entity, I've modeled a simple model, where the entities, wait in a transfer node until a station turns free.
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