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  1. Maybe my application is easier. I would like to create a batch of 150 entities, but only the first and the last should go to a different server than other 148. To do that, I have created a transfer node and I created a procces with to decide node, asking if the entity is the first or the last. But it does not work.
  2. Hello. I would need to create a simulation where the first and the last entities created goes to a different server than other. To do that I have created a node with to exiting path where the rule is a decide and the rule is entity.id == 1 || 150. But when I start the simulation the first entity created has the id = 18. How can I put that the first entity created as the .1 ?? Thank you
  3. Hello: I need to know a value from a state of an entity which is been processing into a server. I've attached a label, but I don't know the instruction to know this. Let me explain better, I have a model entity with a state variable called String, the Value is a Name. I need, when an entity come in into a server and this server start to processing, show this state into a label. Thanks
  4. Sorry Vavei5: My worker do a task sequence, and when he finished a task, then he moves to the highest priority work and do all the task. When he finished the highest priority work, come back and finish the incomplete task.
  5. I solved my problem too doing that I changed the priority of the entity in a certain point of the process and the worker stop and goes to the highest priority
  6. There are few questions, any entity can go to anywhere or Entity1 go only to a concrete server and the other goes to the other. Do you want if the worker is processing the entity with the lowest priority and the bigger priority comes to the server, the worker stop their tasks and goes to the bigger priority to star with the task? There are a simbit called, interruptibleoperator, maybe it can help you. I'm interested in this, because I have the same problem, but i have only one kind of entity and I want that the operator move between three servers. Server1 -- Server2 -- Server3 An entity comes to Server1 start the job, finish and the entity goes to Server2 and another arrives to server1 and the operator start with the tasks, but before finish, the entity in the server 2 pass to the Server3 and the operator need to pause anythin that they are doing in the server1 and goes to the server3 to make some task, when he finish he has to come back to the server1 to finish the job.
  7. Hello Simio Insiders: I want to know if there are any way simpliest to know how is my model after the simulation ends, I've tried to attach some Status label where I write the numbers of entities there are there in the stations or the number of the resource state of the stations. Thats seems to me a good way to know but if you have a lot of servers and nodes, it could be tedious.
  8. Thank you so much, ptkolodziejczyk. I've done with your help. Thank you so much.
  9. No, I just only want to know the complete time of a transfernode has been occupied. I've been trying but I don't know how to see the time. If you could give me another clue I would appreciate it
  10. Maybe it's something trivial, but I want to know, a much time a transfernode is occupied by an entity, I've modeled a simple model, where the entities, wait in a transfer node until a station turns free.
  11. Thanks for the help. I supposed that for processing the entity you need to keep reserve the resource, but no. Thank you.
  12. Here is the model Release vehicle.spfx
  13. Hello to everybody. I have a little issue, in my model, I have 4 vehicles of the same type, this vehicle goes with the entities from the source to a certain server, after this server the entity continue to another server but the vehicle come back to the Output@Source to pick the next entity, but it doesn't pick it up untill the fist entity that it has accompained go to the sink, but between the node where the vehicle come back to the home and the entity continues his path, they are four servers more. So, how can I do to the vehicles pick the entities up continuously?
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