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  1. Thanzeel66

    simio modelling

    Hai I have a doubt regarding a simple model making situation, please suggest a solution. the situation is as follows. there is a source and two station elements, station 1 and 2. I fixed the capacities as 15 for station1 and 30 for station 2. By giving add on process I can fill these stations. But I want the source to first fill the station 1 and after satisfying its capacity fill the next station. How it can be achieved and what logic is to be used for this sequence of filling.
  2. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    station element is used to stand for storage bin. in actual case vehicles are used to move entities to the bin, how can this logic be incorporated in simio. the dimensions of bins are known and it is intended to find the distance travelled by the vehicle.
  3. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    The main aim is to find out the resource utilisation ie. the vehicle and lift utilisation under different demand rate rate( storage or retrieval rate). demand rate is the dynamic one. random storage policy, first come first serve are some of the assumptions and the configuration is "tier captive ". The retrieval transaction demand to the system follows a poisson distribution with parameter "lamda". Lift and vehicle service time follows a uniform distribution.
  4. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    thanks. it is a completed working model. I am looking for vedios similar to our lab tutorials which explains how a model can be built. I just want to get that approach/ idea for the AVS/RS model making
  5. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    Is there any sample vedio showing AVS/RS or similar model building available?
  6. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    Is there any special care to be taken for the allocation of vehicles and lifts
  7. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    building of the primary model is the main problem, since the system is a 3 dimensional one with storage racks in different levels and automated vehicles running between them.
  8. Thanzeel66

    simulation model making

    hai, I want to make a simulation model of an Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval System (AVS/RS) in Simio. How can I make it? does anyone have any idea. I can give you the specifications of the system.