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  1. I'd recommend you read the Create help documentation. It provides some detailed info on how the step functions. It also mentions the CONWIP and DynamicallyCreatingVehicles SimBits for examples using the Create step.

    For my second suggestion, yes this can be done with variables. What I would do is create a new Source and Sink that create entities that just tells the model to perform logic. And since this is just a regular sink, you can specify when to create those entities however you desire (by arrival table, randomly.....).

  2. Hi Alb,

    What I would suggest is for you to use process logic to create your order entities rather than a source. The Create process step can be used to create entities just like a source, and you can put in logic that looks up the percentages.

    I would also suggest you use timers or perhaps a source to just create trigger entities that tells your model when to fire events (perform logic). For example, in your above case, perhaps have a source that creates an entity at 7pm, 7:30pm, and 8pm. These entities then trigger the process to be executed that decides the percentage of entities to be created at each time.

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  3. Hello,

    Would you be able to provide background on your use case? My first response would be no, but I"m curious what your use case is.

    I believe we should be able to find a solution (perhaps using a function) if you can provide a little background on the use case.



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  4. Hello,

    I would suggest you look into creating a ForkLift EvaluatingTransportRequest add on process. This will allow you to control what requests the Forklift is accepting or rejecting.


    Additionally, it may be wise to use two separate Forklift objects (rather 2 instances of the same forklift). This may be easier as you could designate one Forklift to be the secondary that moves to Dock 2 first when a truck arrives.


  5. Hi,

    I believe you approach is correct. I would suggest you look at the CombineMultipleEntityTypesOntoPallets Simbit for help on how to have the shirts be combined with the totes (this may help alleviate your confusion about the worker fetching totes instead of shirts).

    Another suggestion would be the think of the combiner in a slightly different way than the real system (parent object, like the pallets in the above node) and the shirts are then feed into the member input and combined when there are 5 shirts. Meaning the shirts are combined with the tote, then once 3 totes are filled the ARM can move them out (utilizing an evaluating seize request add-on process for the ARM transporter).

    Hope this helps.


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