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  1. Thank you very much for clarifying that Dave.
  2. I am trying to run an experiment for 7 days (with 2 day warm-up) and I was hoping to find out what impact Work Schedules have on this. So I have 8 hour shifts scheduled with various resources scheduled to go off shift at times specified in the work schedule. When running an experiment for 7 days, does SIMIO run during the off-shift period as well because my experiments seem to be extremely slow i.e. if my day shift is 9 am - 5 pm, does the experiment carry on working from 5 pm even though there is no activity at night and start again at 9 am on the Tuesday and so on till the end of the se
  3. Thank you very much for your help Adam and Dave. Both your suggestions solve the problem I was having.
  4. Hi Dave, thank you for that. The challenge I have with my model is batching the different types of entities based on the batch size that has been drawn from a Uniform distribution (1,. I need to somehow get the model logic to essentially recognise every newly formed batch of entities as a unique set of parts that are batched together after processing and unbatch before processing. These parts need to then be transferred in their unique batches to the various servers as well. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I will keep giving it a go. If I do find a way to do this, I will gladly
  5. I have a part that arrives every 10 minutes in varying batch sizes. The batch size varies and is uniformly distributed [Random.Unifrom(1,5)]. These parts then need to travel together in the batches they arrived in (no traveler necessary or vehicle) and moved to a processing station[server]. At the Server these parts need to be processed one at a time and then batched together again at the output buffer. Once all parts in a particular batch have been processed, they can then be transferred to the next Server to again be processed one by one. I have seen a video online that used A
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