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  1. Hello gocken, It was truly a pleasure to see your answer. Thank you so much. Regarding modelentity based definitions, I guess it works, see attached, but not sure if that is what you are talking about. I have tried to understand the model and found: • The program always picks the second raw from Table1 (processing time) and do not select the smallest processing time. e.g : JobsTypeA gets 3min; • Resources are not linked to the processing time. e.g : JobsTypeA with R1 should be processed at smallest processing time which is 1min. Your assistance is really appreciated gocken. Now, I am working on your model to get the logic I am looking for. All the best.
  2. Hello, I have made some improvement in my model. It works now but still needs processes to implement the logic that I am looking for: the server seizes the available resource (tool, worker …) that has the smallest processing time. I am providing the model and the table that I am trying to use. Please, any idea guys. Thanks. Model 17-06-2016V3.spfx
  3. Thanks Gochen for your reply. I really appreciate it. I just rechecked your model but still giving me 10 jobs some of them are duplicated which does not represent 10 different entities (jobs). Anyway, I am going to keep looking for an elegant way to do it based on your hits. Now, let me explain the next step; since the source problem is solved (at least temporary), now I am going to tackle the server and resource objects. I have 10 different jobs waiting to be processed in front of the first sever in the shop. The server cannot process them without resource such as tool, worker, etc...Each job has a processing time on the server but also depending on the resource. I have attached a doc snapshot if you are not able to open an academic license. The goal is: the server has to seize the available resource that has the smallest processing time in order to process the job. I found a nice file in the Simbits which is: SeizingSameResourceFromList. It does part of the job but still to be improved. The same allocated resource sticks to the job all the way. In my case, I want the server to choose from the available resource each time the resource is needed. I hope my explanation was clear enough. Thank you. Model Overview.docx
  4. Thank you so much guys. I tried many ways but did not work. Actually, I was looking for creating 10 different entities (jobs) that come to the shop at the same time. I guess I found an easiest way to do it; I just set 10 different sources with maximum arrivals of 1 each and hit the target. Now I have to work on how to allocate or seize resources in a specific way; each job has a processing time related to the use of a specific resource. Example, if job A is ready to be processed in server A, the server choose the available resource that has the smallest process time. Same thing to the next servers. Right now, I am trying to use processes. It should be something like: Process 1 : Resource1_Allocated : assign – decide – execute Process 2 : Resource1_Released : assign Any idea please. Thanks. Project_June 2016.spfx
  5. I just modified my model but still have some issues; Once I switched JobsTable.JobTypeMix.RandomRow from RowNumber of Before Creating Entities to On Created Entity, I got Error Message (see attached). Also, I did not your idea: Then you can assign the values to entity states and go forward with processing. Thanks for your help. Project.docx
  6. Hello, I am working on a project that consists of planning of jobs in a flow shop where resources are shared between machines (availability problem). Each resource has its own processing time. The target is: seize the available resource that has the shortest processing time. I am trying to generate 10 different jobs that should come at once; so, what I did is: First, I created a DataTable with JobType, JobTypeMix and ProcessingTime; Second, I set the Interarrival Time to 0 and the Maximum Arrivals to 10; Third, in The Table Reference Assignments (Resource), I set the Row Number in Before Creating Entities to: JobsTable.JobTypeMix.RandomRow; Actually, I could not find an alternate function to RandomRow to describe what I want, so I got a mix of random jobs. Is there any function to address this situation please? I need to get 10 different jobs at once. Any hint will be truly appreciated. Thanks. Project.spfx
  7. I tried to fix my model uppon yours suggestions but really can't. Could you make it a little easy please. Thank you.
  8. Hi Dave, I tried to modify my model based on your suggestions but still have problems. The worker still does not take my Table1.MoveTime in consideration (worker should transport parts based on part type/travel time). I set the pathTime after the server based on Table1.MoveTime just to understand the logic and it works. Thanks for your help. Model121.spfx
  9. Hello, I am just trying to improve my model. The worker is performing task on server 2 and can transport parts from server 1. Now, I want the worker to transport different parts based on their weight, so the travel time will be different. Example, when it is part A, so the travel time will be 5s or 10s for part B. Thanks for your help. Model12.spfx
  10. Exactly, I meant that I have two workers available for that work. So, the only way to do it is to change the server capacity. Thank you.
  11. Thank you. I just post it with attachment using the same title.
  12. Hello, This topic was posted on public discussions and was replied by Dave Sturrock. I am trying to set up a model with server and workers and increase the capacity by adding more resource. I added Data Schedule where I can set the Value to 1 or 2 (workers) but this does not impact the capacity. Please find attached the model. Thanks. Model11.spfx
  13. Thanks for your reply. Actually, The server is a workstation and the worker is performing its job on it.I put the worker as I secondary resource. When I add add one more worker, I am expecting more capacity (processing time will be reduced by half) but the model still doing the same job as if there is just 1 worker. Thank you.
  14. Hello guys, If we add one more resource (worker) to a server, the capacity is basically doubled. I am not able to identify that on a simple model with 1 server and 2 workers. Please any help,
  15. Hi, I have different products to be processed on 2 servers and would like to batch 20 units on a pallet using Combiner. I have set a data table with different processing time for the products. Is the server is able to consider the 20 units on the pallet or just the pallet as 1 unit? Thanks.
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