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  1. Hi having a "Simio block" moment (like a writers block). I've got a model where several servers seize a single resource how can I prioritise which server gets the resource? Many mixing vessels only 1 potting scales. Thanks in advance Martin.
  2. Hello Simio Forum. I’m just starting a model which, for me, is a little unique as I have only used servers in a task capacity through steps. The new liquid ink model consists of 4 lines with each line made up of 3 steps each having a volume of 3.5 tonnes. 1. PreMix 2. Mill with a recirc tank 3. PostBlend I do not seem to be able to model this using servers because I cannot represent the transfer time of product occupancy between steps. I need this to show utilisation/uptime of the steps. But when I look at using "Flow" tanks I cant add the process tasks the same as servers (rows) i.e. gather weigh, milling time, QC etc.. Plus will need to add/link worker steps. Is there a middle ground between servers & tanks? Thanks Martin
  3. Hello Simio Forum, I have an issue I can’t quite get my head around. In a warehouse model I have created I have a server that (via a task list table) seizes workers (2) from a list and a vehicle for a series of tasks. In reality both workers work at the same time blending the individual tasks involved. How can I reproduce this in the model plus what will happen if I only have 1 operator. Issues 1. Can I seize both operators to perform a single task but if I have only 1 worker can the cycle time be extended 2. If I separate the individual tasks to worker 1, worker 2 (not done in reality) what happens if I only have 1 worker can he perform all tasks. Cheers Martin
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