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  1. Dear Jaco Many thanks for informing us that it was your good work and for your willingness to help. I have sent you an email. Regards
  2. hmmm thats a bad news but I hope they read this and are able to share some basic model. 1) I have guessed from similar videos that they are using Excavator as a Fixed location server that digs and fill Dump trucks that are normal entities coming from source. 2) if I want to use Vehicles instead of entities to monitor utilization/behavior/speed etc of each vehicle individually, How will the server process them ? My understanding is that server can only process entities not Vehicles. 3) Or please suggest me another way to simulate an Excavator loading other vehicles (Dump Trucks)
  3. Thanks I will try that. Other thing, Do you still have that Mining Simbit or sample model mentioned with youtube link. I know the video is abt 6 years old. Many thanks
  4. HI Is it possible to have a server that can Move along a line while processing ? Basically I want to have an excavator using the dump trucks so I was thinking of making the excavator as a server that can process and move as well. Or is there a better way to do that ? This has already been done in Simio long time ago and I am trying to do almost the same process, so if it is possible to have this Simbit or saved model etc. to understand ? Thanks a lot
  5. haha thanks mate for advice. I am a researcher btw For process optimizing, we are studying a process done by a company and one of the task was to simulate an activity. We have adequate funds available from the University for external training and services. Therefore it is not Cheating to Hire services if done through proper channel. I will try doing that task myself, we have some time now.
  6. Dear ptkolodziejczyk Thanks a lot. I am not an advanced user I am struggling with it. Do you know if any one can provide services regarding that. Thanks (Edited, removed email address)
  7. Dear ptkolodziejczyk, Thanks for replaying in detail. I apologize for not mentioning the academic license thing. Yes, i know the progress of work for each day but the purpose of simulation is to simulate the as-is process and then run some what-if scenarios that are not possible otherwise in real life to find rooms for improvement and full utilization of resources. Sorry, what do you exactly mean by free space? Not using the map background ? If so, it helps me in figuring out the exact places on map and the view is much clearer. However, its not v v important.
  8. any suggestions from experienced members ? Thanks alot in advance
  9. Hello all I have few silly questions to ask. 1) I am creating a model (attached),where several vehicles are involved in 8 hours shift everyday. They work on 100m each day, once I have simulated that for 1st patch of 100m, How can I make iterate for rest of the month. They should continue the work where left the day before. So moving forward by 100m everyday. 2) Is there any Sim-bit or sample model where one vehicle uses another vehicle. e.g. how to simulate an Excavator digging up road and filling Dump trucks at the same time. And when one truck is filled and left the area, how can
  10. and what do you suggest as a solution sir? drawing a v long path ? or by choosing small vehicles ? i thought once we draw a path and then manually chose its length, it really makes it that big
  11. so Basically, instead of displaying separate vehicles travelling, (shown below:) it is noting aligning them in queue and merging them together while running I have also attached my model as well thanks in advance 8 vehic new times.spfx
  12. Hello I am working on this project where different vehicles arrive according to arrival tables. Now there is a problem that vehicles that arrive after other are trying to merge in the first one (has lowest speed for some reason) and not respecting their boundaries. Its happening while Passing is OFF. when i turn it on, they simply overtake and pass due to high speed. i want them to make a queue like they should and wait behind each other. Please tell me what am I doing wrong I have also attached the picture bcoz the model was quite large but I can do so Thanks
  13. Hi Willem thanks for replying. Yes I have made and used an arrival table, the problem is all my vehicles leave the source at once i.e. not following the arrival times for some reason.
  14. HI I am a fairly new user and please forgive my confusion. I am working on a project where there are different vehicles coming on different times throughout the night. (for resurfacing etc) I created Arrival table correctly, entered date time values accordingly. The quantity of each vehicle type required is 1. Routing Logic is defined too. I used a Token process as well to guide source. BUT for some reason, when I run the model, all vehicles leave the source at once and then 1st vehicle type keep coming after every hour. BTW it works well if I use no Nodes and simple Source to
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