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  1. I have been working on this problem with Caleb @Simio who has been very helpful and we have come up with a work around. Use the Changeover step in Add-on Process, choose to 'Save Setup Time' within it. This only saves the time though, it doesn't stop the delay, so you need to change the Delay Multiplication factor from 1 to a tiny number, for example 0.01, to make the Changeover calculated delay negligible. Then, use the Assign step to multiply the saved Time back to its correct value. This variable can then be used in a Task Sequence or Add on-process as desired.
  2. Hi all, I have a model with several servers, each with their own Changeover Matrix for cleaning between jobs. This is done by a Sequence Dependent Setup within the Servers Task Sequence steps. This is working fine when the Cleaning is either done 100% Automatic or 100% Manual with a Worker called as a Secondary resource. Some servers however require partial support from a Worker. For example a COMatrix of X mins needs to include 5 mins support from a Worker at the start and 10 mins support from a worker at the end of the Changeover period, with the middle X - 15 mins in the middle of the CO cleaning period (There are other more complex examples too where the operator will be required half way through the process too to empty the cleaning waste container). Is there a way of saving the COMatrix time, rather than running this delay, so that I can then build an add on process or add further task sequences to break the time into its Automated and Manual Components? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. J
  3. Hi All, I am modelling a production process with several servers and 3 workers. The workers will only start processing a new Entity on the first Server if there is sufficient time to complete the tasks on all of the first 3 servers, before the end of their scheduled shift. The time required for each of these 3 Server processes is entity dependent and referenced from a table. I have achieved this in part by using a Decide step in the Entered Server add-on process, which has a formula determining if there is sufficient time. This works with a DateandTime variable, which is currently manually set with today's date and shift end time, to test the formula. The issue I have is this obviously won't then work for future days (when the model is run over several days or weeks), I need to be able to reference the scheduled shift end time from the Schedules if possible or write them to the date time variable. The workers schedule is 5 days a week with multiple breaks each day for drinks and lunch, normally finishing at 18:00 Does anyone have an easy way to do this? Many thanks in advance J
  4. Hi all, I need to change the Sequence Table being referenced depending on the production line an entity gets routed to in a model. I imagine I can change the referenced Sequence table with an add-on Process Step. Could you please advise which Process Step can be used to change the Sequence Table being referenced? Thank you in advance J
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