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  1. Hi All, I am modelling a production process with several servers and 3 workers. The workers will only start processing a new Entity on the first Server if there is sufficient time to complete the tasks on all of the first 3 servers, before the end of their scheduled shift. The time required for each of these 3 Server processes is entity dependent and referenced from a table. I have achieved this in part by using a Decide step in the Entered Server add-on process, which has a formula determining if there is sufficient time. This works with a DateandTime variable, which is currently manually set with today's date and shift end time, to test the formula. The issue I have is this obviously won't then work for future days (when the model is run over several days or weeks), I need to be able to reference the scheduled shift end time from the Schedules if possible or write them to the date time variable. The workers schedule is 5 days a week with multiple breaks each day for drinks and lunch, normally finishing at 18:00 Does anyone have an easy way to do this? Many thanks in advance J

    Changing Sequence

    Perfect, thank you.

    Changing Sequence

    Hi all, I need to change the Sequence Table being referenced depending on the production line an entity gets routed to in a model. I imagine I can change the referenced Sequence table with an add-on Process Step. Could you please advise which Process Step can be used to change the Sequence Table being referenced? Thank you in advance J