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  1. Hi, I keep getting the same error at one specific server. In my model each entity follows a specific sequence with a specified processing time for each task. Each server has a scheduled capacity of 2 and requests a worker for processing. When this specific server goes off shift something goes wrong with releasing the worker, and I've no clue what (it seems that the issue doesnt arise with other servers). When all server capacities were 1 the model seemed to work without problems/errors. SensitivtyMechanics2.spfx
  2. I've taken a very brief look at the updated version you've made. But what happens there is that the entities are created on the same start date even though they should have different start dates. By adding the arrival date to table1 this problem is solved... I'll look at the model more into depth tomorrow morning to check whether the grouping behaviour works as I mean it to. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Ok great, thanks. I've found another problem with the previous model. If I want to add new entities to the model, and create new rows in both available tables then I get an error message that says error setting table reference. row index into table 'combustors' not in valid range 1 to whatever the total number of rows is. Any idea what may cause this?
  4. Update, I've already found something to group the entities based on their arrival date (in the system). So so far the model works as I need it to, thanks!
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. I've added the preferred start dates to table 1, and I've changed the arrival time property in the sources to table1. Is this what you meant? So far everything works as intended, and i'm not planning batch arrivals (or do you mean for instance different entities that arrive at the same time?). So thanks . However, I've made a new test model to simplify checking the logic etc. And what I found was that the logic for combiner2 does not work as I want it to. It doesn't group entities based on the group they should be part of but based on fifo.. I
  6. Hi Gocken, So far I haven't made any additional progress. I thought I'd found a workaround with additional servers and a combiner that assigns the exact required rows, but somehow this also doesn't do what I want it to (all entities arrive at the same time instead of based on the arrival table). The model I've attached contains 12 entities in total that should be combined in two groups with different start dates. Each entity has its own specific sequence. If you need more I could add that but I thought I'd start with these two groups. The model also contains the workaround that didn't wo
  7. Yes it works!! Thank you so much! But I do have an additional question... So now I've created a table reference assignment and set the rows for the entities within the source. This works for this specific entity. But how can I assign a row if i have for instance 20 entities with different names that arise from the source and have to be assigned a unique row for each of these entities? So in the previous case it was only COMB48, but in future cases I would like to add COMB1 to COMB47 and they all have a unique sequence...
  8. Gocken, the logic you've explained allows me to assign the next step for each part after they exit the separator. However, it does not correctly assign the step I have identified, and more importantly once this step is completed all parts start to follow the same sequence again.. What I'm looking for is a way to (re)assign a sequence type to each entity so that it can continue the sequence for that specific entity. Is that in any way possible?
  9. Great, I'll try that. Thanks for your help, I hope it will work .
  10. Thanks for looking at it! I'm using an older version of Simio so I can't run your edited version (all servers have 'Process Type: specific time' which my version does not support). But you've changed the add on process to just 'Set Row' I believe, and I've done the same in my model. However, all the entities still behave as the parent and all of them follow the same sequence instead of their own sequence. All of them enter the parent input of the next combiner.. So the assignment of the table works but i need a way to (re)identify each of the entities. The second version you've uploaded a
  11. Here's the model with only one 'set' of entities. I hope it makes sense (it includes the add on referencing back to the original table) BaseForum.spfx
  12. Thanks for your replies! I have looked at the SimBit but this only allows me to identify a specific row or table. As I am working with a large number of entities (163 when combined) that each follow a specific sequence this does not work. My batch consists of 1 parent and 5 members and this leaves me with a maximum of 6 rows or tables to identify... Plus, when I reference back to the original table somehow the entities grab a 'random' row. What i'm modelling is a part that consists of several components and i have to process the complete part after which the part is disassembled and i ha
  13. Hi, I'm trying to model a process in which entities are batched, go through a table defined sequence of servers, after which the batch is separated and each entity should follow its own sequence (again defined in the sequence table). However, after separating the batch all of the entities follow the sequence of the entity that was the parent entity of the batch. How can I get each of the separate entities to follow their own sequence?
  14. Thank you for your response. I have looked into the Evaluating Seize Request add-on, but I'm not sure how to define the logic. I basically want the add-on process to decide to handle a task if the task duration (from a data table) is less than the shift duration but have no idea how to define this. I have added the model I've made so far. I have already added the add-on interrupt process for each of the servers. So i think the problem lies with the workers.. Unfortunately I cant find the Worker Uses Work Schedule Interrupt Working Off Shift SimBit (I'm using a university design version 7.
  15. Hi All, I have a question regarding a maintenance workshop that consists of 12 workers and 20 servers. I want the servers and workers to stop working when they are off shift and leave the entity waiting at the server until the next shift starts so the following worker can pick up where the previous worker left off. Furthermore, it would be nice if the worker could reject an entity that is offered within the last 15 minutes of the shift if the processing time of that entity is larger than 15 minutes. However, this is not mandatory. I have looked at several simbits and forum posts, b
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