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  1. hi Glenn, I am having a trouble with Connection String. I use MS-SQL Server and I define my connection string as " Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=db_projectReport; User Id=sa; Password=aaa " Since I did not get the whole definitions of Simbit DBReadWrite example's connection string which is "Server=localhost; Port=3306; Database=world; Uid=root; Pwd=root" , I do not know exactly what I need to define in my Connection String. Maybe I need to install something similar "MySQL connector" to make a connection between Simio and MS-SQL Server. My error is "A runtime error was d
  2. Hi all, I am new in this forum so I hope I write in correct place. I am modelling a container stacking problem using Simio but I am not sure about which object I need to use for the stacking area. I tried to use a Station elements but I could not show the containers as one above to each other. In addition to that, I am not sure if I can implement unstacking using station element. If anyone can give any idea about this, I would appreciate that. Thanks, Erhan
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