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  1. julioguimaraes

    Applying a rate table

    Hi. I have a process that works in each hour with a diferente statistical distribuition. The operation interval is 24h, so how can I use a rate table with diferent statistical distributions ?
  2. julioguimaraes

    Traffic light

    Ok, Dave, I donwloaded the files. Thanks.
  3. julioguimaraes

    Traffic light

    Hi Dave, I'm trying to connect to link ftp://ftp.simio.com but it's not working. Could you send me an available example traffic control file of SIMIO Aplication. My mail: julioguimaraes@utfpr.edu.br Thanks.
  4. julioguimaraes

    Traffic light

    Hi. I didn't connect with the link ftp://ftp.simio.com, maybe there is something wrong. Is there some problem ? Please, send me another alternative. Thank you.
  5. julioguimaraes

    Traffic light

    Hi. I need to simulate a traffic light intersection, but do not know how to set the times of the phases of the traffic light. Which objects are most useful for this application ? Can someone help me ?