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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to change the vehicle initial home node during the simulation. In my model , I want to vehicle to park at home after his work, but in the middle of the simulation I want him to go wait in another place. Is it possible ?
  2. OK I resolve half of my problem. I decide to put a combiner where 1 parent wait to have 6 membre to batch and process. Now, I have some problems when I want to stop temporary my source. I tried to create a process at Source_CreatingEntities , but I think I don't write well my conditions for the decide steps. The Process goes like this Begins------Decide---(true)------Decide--(true)----Wait-----End | | | (false) | (false) ---- ------ The first Decide, I want to be true when there is 3 entities waiting at the member input link : MemberInput@Combiner1.NumberTravelers>=3 The second Decide, I want to be true when my combiner is processing : Combiner1.Capacity.Allocated>=1 The wait step is a event that is fire when the combiner finish processing the batch Can you tell me how to write well the condition for the decide steps ? Thanks
  3. I mean temporary. But this is not my biggest problem, I really don't know how to make my server works by batch .
  4. Hello, Can someone explain me how to create a model where the server waits to have 7 entities to process all of them at the same time. I am working on a project where I need to receive 7 entities to make a batch and then process this batch. Also, I need to know how can I stop the source when the server is processing the batch and when there is 3 entities who are waiting in front of the server. Source ----------Server (need 7 to make a batch) --------Sink Source --------- (no more than 3 entities waiting) Server(Processing)-------- Sink Thank you
  5. I find the answer. For those who want to know the answer. You create a decide step and the condition based is : Entity.Population.Name==EntityName.Name For example if I what to identifie the entity A : Entity.Population.Name==A.Name
  6. Hello, I have a server that can handle different entities (not simultaneously). I want a process to take place only when the server is processing a specific entity (for example: the entity A). Is there a step which discriminates the entity between all the others ? Or is there another way to do what I want ? Thanks
  7. Thanks you Now, what do I do if I want to record the ending time of each individual entities. Example: Entity 1 : end at time 3 Entity 2: end at time 5 Entity 3: end at time 6 etc.
  8. Thank you very much !!!!! It works !!!
  9. Hello, My model is created like this: source ------> server 1 , server 2, sever 3, server 4, server 5, server 6, server 7, server 8, server 9 -------> sink -----------------entity 1------------------------entity 2------------------------entity3--------------------------------- ------------------worker--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I send 3 entity object at a time with this sequence table entity 1 : source, server 1, server 2 , server 3 entity 2 : source, server 4, server 5 , server 6 entity 3 : source, server 7, server 8 , server 9 So at the beginning there is 1 entity in front of server 1, server 4 and server 7. A worker is needed to run the server. And I only have 1 worker for all the model. The worker doesn't need to move the entity between the server. Here is my problem. I want the worker to start with the server 1 and finish all the work of the first entity before going to server 4. In others words, I want the worker to proceed server 1, server 2 and server 3 before going to server 4. I already tried to change this for my worker : ressource logic; dynamic selection rule : standard dispatching rule; dispatching rule: earliest due date; tie breaker rule; earliest due date . But this is not ok because it works for entity 1 but the worker is stop after and doesn't go the entity 2 and 3. Can you help me and give me a lot of details ? Thank you
  10. Hi, I want to record the ending time of my model in my experimentation. I want to know how much time did my model took to finish all the entity. Can you help me please
  11. Thank you very much I did what you said and it's works very well. Only, I don't put a probability based but a condition based . This way i can make my own sequence depends on the number of entity destroyed.
  12. Can you elaborate on the last option please ? Can you explain how to do that in detail ?
  13. Hello, In my model I have an entity who needs to make different server . Exemple, I want my first entity to go to server 1,2,3,sink and the second entity to goes to server 4,5,6,sink. I want to make a table with multiple choices of sequences and the program will choose randomly the road to go for my entity. I saw videos from the module 6 of simio training. I want to do the same think exept I don't have multiple entity. I have only on entity but multiple sequences possible. Can you help me please ?
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