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  1. Hello , I want to create a process who will record different informations depend on the vehicle that is on it. For example, I have one type of vehicle with 2 population members, so let say Vehicle[1] and Vehicle[2]. In my process I want to have a decide step to know if it is the Vehicle[1] or Vehicle[2] that is on my node This is want I tried; Decide : Entity.Population.Name==Vehicle[1] But when I run my model Simio tell me : unable to get value of the property Decide.ConditionOrProbability Invalid operation because types of operands must match. Both must be numeric or string Can you help me figure how to solve my problem ? Thank you
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to change the vehicle initial home node during the simulation. In my model , I want to vehicle to park at home after his work, but in the middle of the simulation I want him to go wait in another place. Is it possible ?
  3. OK I resolve half of my problem. I decide to put a combiner where 1 parent wait to have 6 membre to batch and process. Now, I have some problems when I want to stop temporary my source. I tried to create a process at Source_CreatingEntities , but I think I don't write well my conditions for the decide steps. The Process goes like this Begins------Decide---(true)------Decide--(true)----Wait-----End | | | (false) | (false) ---- ------ The first Decide, I want to be true when there is 3 entities waiting at the member input link : MemberInput@Combiner1.NumberTravelers>=3 The second Decide, I want to be true when my combiner is processing : Combiner1.Capacity.Allocated>=1 The wait step is a event that is fire when the combiner finish processing the batch Can you tell me how to write well the condition for the decide steps ? Thanks
  4. I mean temporary. But this is not my biggest problem, I really don't know how to make my server works by batch .
  5. Hello, Can someone explain me how to create a model where the server waits to have 7 entities to process all of them at the same time. I am working on a project where I need to receive 7 entities to make a batch and then process this batch. Also, I need to know how can I stop the source when the server is processing the batch and when there is 3 entities who are waiting in front of the server. Source ----------Server (need 7 to make a batch) --------Sink Source --------- (no more than 3 entities waiting) Server(Processing)-------- Sink Thank you
  6. I find the answer. For those who want to know the answer. You create a decide step and the condition based is : Entity.Population.Name==EntityName.Name For example if I what to identifie the entity A : Entity.Population.Name==A.Name
  7. Hello, I have a server that can handle different entities (not simultaneously). I want a process to take place only when the server is processing a specific entity (for example: the entity A). Is there a step which discriminates the entity between all the others ? Or is there another way to do what I want ? Thanks
  8. vavei5

    Entity priority

    How does he stop what he is doing ? Can you show me the properties of your worker ?
  9. Hello My worker is use for the transport of entities and he is use as a second ressource at my servers. I want to worker to prefer the transport task vs the second ressource task. I don't know what to do .
  10. vavei5

    Entity priority

    I resolved my problem ! the problem I had was with the transport operation . So for my vehicle I just put : > transport logic > task selection strategy : Largest Priority I put a bigger priority on my E2 than my E1 For you problem maybe you can try to change the priority of your entity depend on the server that they are. So went you worker will be done to the server 1 he can go direct to server 3. I am sorry I don't know how to stop a worker when he is already doing something. If you find it please share it with me .
  11. Hello, This is my problem: I have two entities E1 and E2. Those entities need a worker to travel between two servers. I don't know how to make my worker choose the E2 before the E1. I want my worker to priorise the E2 when he have the choice between E1 and E2. I already try to put : E1 priority 0 E2 priority 1 Worker : Ranking rule : Largest Value First Ranking expression : Entity.Priority Dynamic Selection Rule: Largest Value First Value Expression : Candidate.Entity.Priority But it does not work, why worker continue to chose the first in first out . Can you help me ?
  12. Thanks you Now, what do I do if I want to record the ending time of each individual entities. Example: Entity 1 : end at time 3 Entity 2: end at time 5 Entity 3: end at time 6 etc.
  13. Thank you very much !!!!! It works !!!
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