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  1. omarmansur

    WorkSchedule Wiht 'idle time'

    I have a workschedule like an example below : 08:00AM = 10 'Workers' 08:10AM = 12 'Workers' 08:20AM = 7 'Workers' .... 10:00AM = 20 'Workers' .... until 08:00PM I would like to put something like the learning curve that previous example, but I want to change the parameter for the workers. Example: Every 10 minutes or every hour, workers would have a truancy rate or inactive rate (I don't know if this terms are correct) , then it would be something like : the 10 workers I have 8:00 AM 20% of them would be out of the workstation or inactive, it would be something close of the examples that you helped me, I thought it would work the discrete distribution, but from what I understand it is not possible because this expression is cumulative, and the model has to be something like a constant % of the workers idleness or Inactive on my workshcedule. Example: 08:00AM = 10 'Workers' (20% Of then Inactive) 08:10AM = 12 'Workers' (20% Of then Inactive) 08:20AM = 07 'Workers' (30% Of then Inactive) 08:30AM = 15 'Workers' (45% Of then Inactive) 09:40AM = 18 'Workers' (15% Of then Inactive) 13:20AM = 22 'Workers' (55% Of then Inactive) ............. Thanks!
  2. omarmansur

    WorkSchedule Wiht 'idle time'

    Hi, i have another question I watched on youtube ( link : ) a function that models 'learning curve' on Simio, I think it applies better in the project, because I can put the effeciency per hour or minutes that gets closest to the real. If you watch the video he used a function table and named, but my only problem is when I go to the function table the only way is put a Expression, and I did not find a Expression that make senses that looks like the model on youtube, I think my version is diferent! Thanks again!
  3. omarmansur

    WorkSchedule Wiht 'idle time'

    Thanks !!!!! I think it's going to work!!!!
  4. omarmansur

    WorkSchedule Wiht 'idle time'

    Thanks! If i get , you say on Server : ' Reliability Logic' Failure Type 'Processing time Base' Uptime Between failures ' 10 minutes' Time to repair '1 minute' In this example , means that every 10 minutes will be a failure and the worker go back in a minute to the job? or the entityes will have 1 minute delay? Thanks again!
  5. omarmansur

    WorkSchedule Wiht 'idle time'

    Hi, I have a model on Simio 'its like a telemarketing', and in the Server i Have the processing time calculated and the workschedule both on the table reference. But to make the model closer the reality , i want to put like a 'idle time' on the processing, because between the worker treat a entity costumer , he leaves the workstation, he talks to a friend, anyway sometimes he's not there like i put on the schedule. How to do it ? Is there a function on Simio for it? Thanks ! Omar Mansur