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  1. I solved this problem by myself.( I forgot to add to paths from source2 to server3 and from server3 to sink, please make changes and run it): http://dibadata.com/uploads/WORKER-%203%20servers-2%20sources.spfx
  2. HI all! I have a question which I could not handle it! I want to send a worker to do job in server 1, by finishing in server 1, it must go to server2 to do process and then go to server 3 and does its dut. then it must come back to server 1 and wait for starting new process ( worker transfers between servers while entity is moving forward). why it goes back to server1 before going directly to server3 ? for 2 servers, assigning the worker si so simple but for more than 2 servers needs more complicated logics. Please help me if you have any idea about it. model uploaded: https://www.facebook.com/download/372463152963464/WRKER%20REZA.spfx
  3. Thx for your useful reply
  4. I have a server which its initial capacity is 2. But the server (an oven) will start working just when its fed with two entity. It means first entity must be waited in the server till next entity being transferred into. Then the server initiates the process. How can I use this logic ? (The model is uploaded: I want server 3 start whenever 2 entities are placed in, not just for first-in entity) http://dibadata.com/rhamzei/Server%20Process%20Logic.rar
  5. I want to simulate a solar panel assembly line in simio which produce 2 models, one panel with 72 cell one with 48 cells or A and B model something like this: http://www.asectw.com/Images/flow1.jpg 1- A source provide cells and send it to server ti test it. After testing each cell, it must be transferred to next station(maybe a combiner or workstation, I do not know!) 2- In combiner, cells are roibboned and must be sent to next workstation 3- this station include 2 combiners, cells must be welded in rows of 12 for model or 8 rows for model B in each combiner(maybe batching in a combiner) 4- in a combiner station, 6 serries of welded cells must be laid up on a glass and send next 5- rows must be welded to prepare a panel initial model in SIMIO: http://dibadata.com/uploads/solar.rar I have some questions: 1- best choices for any workstation ( server, combiner, workstation), Is my model is the best? 2- how can I set some constraints( test cells and keep them till each of two combiners use their 72 or 48 batch and send their capacity to next station o send tested cells to server, when it could finish welding of desired number of cells) 3- how can I create a model to produce 50 from model A and 70 from model B per week with hrs/day? can you provide me a simple example containing these features or explain how can I imporove initial model I have mentioned?
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