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  1. Thank you Sébastien, that's what I was missing (point number 2). I appreciate it.
  2. Hi g1h2j3, Thank you . I am not sure if this is what I need. I attached a simple model. I just want the vehicle to check the last pick up location (TransferNode), if it is not empty, the vehicle should go back to the same location to pick up the rest of the entities. I thought entity priority would be enough, but it seems not. My convention is small number == high priority, that's why I use smallest value first . Thanks, Model.spfx
  3. Hi, I am trying to model this situation: One vehicle picks up entities "On Demand" from two locations (TransferNodes) and send them to Sink1. Entities with high priority arrives at TransferNode1, while entities with low priority arrives at TransferNode2. When I choose the Ranking Rule to be Smallest Value First and the Ranking Expression is ModelEntity.Priority in the Resource Logic of the Vehicle, the Vehicle picks up entities probabilistically from the locations. How can I make the Vehicle picks up the entities with the highest priority first and once it is started picking at one l
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