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  1. I'm interested in knowing what sorts of AI methodologies are going to be explicitly offered functionality in Simio. I'm thinking of techniques that go beyond standard "If ... then ... else" rules to fuzzy logic representations of decision-making processes or causal structures such as bayesian networks. There are powerful applications around designing business rules/policies through agents interacting with these methodologies and monitoring the resulting performance, with the business rules getting operationalized in an organization's decision support systems. If not explicit functionality, am I correct to assume Simio objects could "encapsulate" code from another application containing these techniques?
  2. I'm interested in knowing the plans for the following functionality. Will Simio have the scripting capability to automatically build objects/models from data structures? In certain operational settings with a high degree of detailed complexity, it can be very time consuming to build models of the existing parts, machines, routings, BOMs, plants, etc. These can also become obsolete fairly quickly with product / process changes. The ability to derive at least the initial objects for a model from operational data files and then supplement manually with additional structures could be a HUGE productivity benefit in many complex mfg./supply chain settings.
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