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  1. Thanks ~ this is the approach I've been using but it only achieves 1 & 2. Entities are release separately no mater where I apply the "Wait" process
  2. I need to set up a server or (preferably) workstation to mimic an autoclave wherein: 1 three entities need to be "loaded" into the autoclave before processing can start 2 all three entities are visible in the processing queue 3 all 3 entities are processed and "unloaded" at the same time I've been able to achieve 1 & 2 but not 3. My preference would be to have entities accumulate in the input queue before three are loaded, processed and unloaded together Thanks
  3. Thanks Willem This solution worked for the bidirectional path as well provided I allowed passing as you suggest Disappointing result however is that the workers are now stacked on top of each other so it is not evident from the animation that there is more than one worker at the Server The other animation issue I'm trying to work through is that when the workers return to the home node they to not re-enter the queue but stay on the path at the node ~ again stacked on top of each other Any additional advice would be welcome Regards Dennis
  4. I am trying to introduce workers into a model for the first time and have set up: # a pool of 5 workers at a home node # a second node at the server a bi-directional path between these two nodes I've inserted add-on processes into the "entered" and "exited" fields for the server to seize and release workers. This works fine if the number of workers is set to one but if I call two or more workers they will move to the server but then stall the DefaultEntities at the input node to the server rather than processing them What am I missing Thanks Dennis
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