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  1. Thanks, My model is working now. Do you happen to know if it is possible to turn the 'report statistics' off for all objects of a certain type? My model has a lot of paths and runs quite slow because of it. If I right click on a path and open the spreadsheet I cant select them all to uncheck the report statistics box.
  2. Thanks for your help! However a delay wasn't what I had in mind. I used a backward search on a separate table, which seems to works. I added an example. Maybe a little off topic but do you happen to know if there is an expression for a maximum of a value? I want to now the maximum of the sum of different entity-types that are in the model at a certain time. Thanks Again! Example_with_search.spfx
  3. Hi gocken, Thanks for the quick reaction. Unfortunately I already have defined an arrival table in my model, sorry I forgot to mention that. This Arrival table uses different times for entity arrivals than times it must travel to via certain node. So i think I'm looking for a solution in a add-on process which searches trough the table and sends the entity to that node at the correct time interval. any ideas?
  4. Hi, If I want to sent entities from a date time table to a specific node depending on the timenow, what is the best way of modeling this? e.g. i have the following data; Time node 7-1-2016 0:00:00 A 7-1-2016 2:00:00 B 7-1-2016 5:00:00 C Thanks
  5. Thanks you want to help me! with some trail and error i fixed it, somehow a release step wasn't executed properly.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the following; An entity is sent from its source to a submodel. In the submodel it enters a server. In this server the the entity seizes a Vehicle (with an add-on process) to that submodel, and when it arrives in the submodel it is sent to a specific location in that submodel. After the entity is processed the vehicle is sent to the outputnode and moves out of the submodel. The problem is that this only works once, when the first entity arrives (only 1 entity is allowed in the submodel at the time) the vehicle moves into the submodel as expected and moves
  7. Hi, I am having trouble finding out a distance to prioritize a vehicle. In my model, when an entity leaves the source it was created on it must seize a vehicle to a certain node. The type of vehicle and node the vehicle must move to follow from a table. I would like to select the right type of vehicle which has the shortest distance to that node. Any hints how to do this? Regards, Erik
  8. Hi, I''m having some trouble trying to seize a worker into a submodel. My submodel consists of some simple seize-delay-release steps that needs to seize workers defined in another model, so every submodel uses the same population of workers. Is there a simple way to do this? Kind Regards, Erik
  9. Thanks! I used the Loaded Process Trigger, but with same logic. Works like a charm.
  10. Hi, I'm facing a difficulty setting the destination of a vehicle. My model consists of a source, a server and 4 sinks located on a network. Entities must travel by vehicle from the server to the four destinations ( 25% of all entities to each destination ), however the vehicle may only take entities to one of the locations during one trip, so not 1 to sink1 and then the rest to sink2 etc. My question is how to set the destination of the vehicle so that it will take the entities to different locations each trip it makes. To add extra difficulty there are 2 types of vehicles with differ
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