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  1. BenLankford

    Rewind Animation

    Is there a rewind option available someplace, or is it something to be considered for a future sprint? I think it would be helpful in debugging some errors, especially those that force a hard stop to the simulation. In a situation I'm working on now, I have one entity trying to transfer but it picks up another transfer request before completing the first. But instead of pausing the simulation, I get a runtime error which resets the display. It would be handy to have the ability to rewind 5-10 seconds to see what caused the issue. I have model trace on, but I'm more of a visual learner. In general, rewind during simulation would be very cool too.
  2. BenLankford


    Has anyone ever seen entities just flying by when running simulations? It's not a big deal for me, just an oddball occurrence. In my case, it seems to be when a vehicle is dropping off an entity at a node. Sometimes (not all?) I can see that entity whiz by the edge of the screen. I was able to pause once and hover the mouse over it, and instead of being labeled as the entity (part), it was labeled as the vehicle? But looked like the entity? It did not appear to be following a network path, but it wasn't a straight line either. Possibly related to the visit request queue? Maybe I'm just seeing things. Then again, we here in St Louis did supposedly have a UFO over the gateway arch a few nights ago Edited to include a quick screen capture. In this case it looks like one of the forklifts has just dropped off that same entity onto a conveyor. The dynamic label is the node where it started on the conveyor, and the hover label is for the forklift vehichle. Proof that they are out there.
  3. BenLankford

    Ignoring EndTransfer?

    Further updates and an additional problem... I upgraded to Simio v 8.137.13474. That part seems to work great! I am creating a model of a warehouse. At run start I am creating entities to place in the warehouse. Entities are held in stations. So far I have two stations - Full and Empty (full containers for shipping or empty containers for packaging). One station (Full) is bringing entities in, while the other station (Empty) holds them in the entry queue. Both stations are set up the same. Both are using monitors to check the contents (I have also checked entry queue with the same results). Both entities are the same other than color. No matter what I seem to do, the Full station will fill okay while the Empty station waits in entry queue. Even if I switch which parts go to which queue, the problem always seems to be with the Empty station. The first entity goes in, and then the rest just sit there. Model is attached. Thanks in advance for the help! Sparta Warehouse 01.spfx
  4. BenLankford

    Ignoring EndTransfer?

    Release 7.114.11720 Model is attached. Thanks! Warehouse Test 4 - Variable Entities and Putaway.spfx
  5. BenLankford

    Ignoring EndTransfer?

    I'm learning how to model a warehouse using logical stations to represent storage locations. I've been able to work out quite a bit of the logic so far, but I've come across something I can't quite figure out. Parts are represented by entities, and these are placed into different stations based on part type. Part A goes into Station A, and Part B goes into Station B. Parts will be picked from the stations based on orders. For example, Order O might need 5 of Part A, so I search through the Station Queue to find the first 5 parts (based on an integer variable) and then transfer each one to the transfer node. There might be different parts going in a specific sequence, so I can't necessarily transfer all 5 at the same time. Eventually I will have tables to determine which parts to pull for shipment, but for now I'm using a user button to do this. Button A transfers Part A to TransferNode2, and Button B transfers Part B to the same TransferNode2. Each button triggers a different event (EventA and EventB), which in turn trigger different processes to initiate the transfer. TransferNode2 has an OnEntered process to end the transfer. TransferNode2 is set to infinite capacity. Parts ride on Vehicle2 from TransferNode2 to the Sink. That path is also set to infinite capacity. Vehicle2 has a capacity of 1. If the vehicle picks up the part and then I press the button there are no problems. Everything behaves as expected. But if I attempt two transfers before the transporter returns, I get an error that the part cannot transfer while it is waiting in transfer. In reading the trace log, it appears that the entity is ignoring the EndTransfer request but I don't know why. I have attempted to delay as long as possible thinking it was a problem with how long it takes to transfer, but this doesn't seem to help. (See topic http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1283) I set up another event (EventX) that is fired immediately after the Transfer process, which itself should trigger the OnEntered process, but this doesn't seem to work either. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. BenLankford

    Combo FIFO + Priority

    I'm wondering if it is possible to combine both FIFO and Priority in the ranking rule for a vehicle. I have a situation in which some entities are more important to move and thus have a higher priority. However I can't neglect other entities that need to move. Each entity type is waiting at its own separate node. I only have one vehicle available to move all entities. What I'd like to do is to have the vehicle select the largest priority entity that is in the top 10 FIFO entities. Bonus complication: In this example, the vehicle has a rider capacity of 2 entities. So once it arrives at the node, I'd like for it to pick up the first 2 entities if 2 or more are available, even if there was only 1 entity that actually fulfilled the ranking criteria. Thanks!
  7. Suggestions: 1. Include travel distance as a default result metric for entities, workers, and vehicles. It's possible to do using the SimBit, but IMHO this should be default functionality. 2. Allow for rotation of the 2D view. In some cases there may be entire portions of a facility that are square to a different set of axes, and this would help align / orient objects. New objects would align to the edges of the facility window, which in default orientation would be the X-Z plane. Keep up the great work!
  8. I'm modeling a fairly significant portion of a factory, and trying to create an animation video to show the higher-ups. I understand the run speed factor affects how much "activity" takes place in between animation frames, such that a higher speed factor should look more "coarse". However the results I am getting are more on the "jumpy" side. For example, I have forklifts moving around the facility. On run speeds greater than 1.0 they appear to move forward and then backward. The overall progress is in the right direction, but the vehicles definitely "jump" back. Also the animation seems to speed up for a while and then slow down. This seems to be separate from the vehicle jumping. My gut says it might have to do with the number of entities or the amount of activity taking place? Maybe less activity gets simulated more quickly so the animation is "faster", and more activity means the animation gets "slower" as the computer processes all the work?
  9. BenLankford

    Seize Worker for Load/Unload Only

    Here's a follow-on question I can't quite figure out ... I have a worker who is required as a resource to setup and teardown two different workstations. The worker is also a transporter to move entities from the source to the workstation, and from the workstation to the sink. The workstations are set to seize the worker for All But Specific, Processing, Move to Node, Input@Workstation#. The workstations have identical setup, processing, and teardown times (fixed at 5, 30, and 5 seconds respectively). The source initially starts with 2 entities, and then creates additional entities each time one of the workstations begins its Setting Up process. Once both workstations are processing, the worker goes back and gets the next two entities to place one into each workstation's input buffer. No matter what I attempt, I cannot make the worker stay at the workstation to complete the next entity's setup before taking the previous entity to the sink. Each time the worker takes the completed part to the sink and then returns to setup the workstation. Even though they happen at the same time, it appears that the previous entity enters the outbound node of the workstation and then makes a visit request to the worker, all before the next entity initiates the Setting Up process and attempts to seize the worker. To be more precise, the outbound part is placed on the outbound node, triggers the RiderWaiting event, requests and has accepted a transport request from the worker before the Teardown process has actually ended. I've read through multiple SimBits and other files from the forums. I can't get the next entity or workstation to seize the worker since the visit request has already been accepted or the workstation still has the worker seized to complete the teardown. I can't figure out how to use the Worker Used For Multiple Tasks SimBit since it only shows the worker going to and waiting at a node, and I need to model a workstation at this location instead of a node. I can't force a Delay math.epsilon on an Evaluating Seize/Transport process to force it to the end of the "same time", and putting in conditions (to reject transport requests if the allocation queue is not empty) appears to be moot since the Worker.AllocationQueue is technically empty when the RideVisitRequest is made (the next entity hasn't made the request yet). I also read in one of the posts that there is no way to reneg a ride/visit request once it is made, although seize requests can still be manipulated. I've attached an example file. It's definitely a work in process, so some of the custom processes aren't used or have been manipulated. I need to be able to model a real world process ... the worker would take out the previous part (teardown), set it down on a table (the output buffer), pick up the next part (from the input buffer), place it in the machine (setting up), and then press Cycle. Once complete, the previous part would be transported to the sink, and the worker would move to the next machine waiting. Thanks! Worker Seize vs Transport Test.spfx
  10. BenLankford

    Extra model import options

    Has this been resolved? I'd really like a way to rotate on all 3 axes to correct symbols upon import. And it would be really nice to have the ability to rotate during the simulation for real-world orientation at different parts of the process.
  11. BenLankford

    Transportation Library - Trains, Robots, Tanker

    Love the articulated robot! Is there a way to specify which direction it rotates? On my initial trial it only moved clockwise when loaded and counter-clockwise when empty. In the model I have the robot loading a server and then unloading it. I figured the travel direction was because of where I located the nodes. I moved the output node of the server so that it would be less distance to go CCW but it still ran CW. I continued moving things around until I made it work. It seems to be tied to where the node is located left/right (or east/west) of the robot's base node? It's not a big deal for me right now, but I figured it might come up if I try to send a robot through a wall or something
  12. Hello all, Brand new here and working on modeling the behavior of a bank of horizontal CNC machines. One worker manages the load and unload step for a set of machines (all of which perform the same process). The machines do not need the worker seized to process the part, but old parts must be unloaded and new parts must be loaded by the worker before the machine process can start. More challenges to follow, but this is the first one I'm encountering. Thanks!