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  1. I could have never completely figured this out on my own, so many many thanks!! Kindest regards, Kim
  2. Many thanks for all your input and ideas! It is so clever to look like it is an elevator, going to try this right away! Not sure whether I completely understand (just a novice user..) how to implement the add-on process to check for remaining capacity, but that is exactly how the model should look like! Thanks for creating a simple model!! Kindest regards, Kim
  3. Dear members, I could really use your help with the following for my research project: A server that is capable to processing parts in both directions (I can only find tandem servers)? To be specific a waterway lock that is able to transfer ships from one direction to the other. Besides that, there are multiple ship sizes, so server capacity fluctuates over time, depending on entering ships. Any ideas?? Thank you in advance!
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