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  1. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA) is looking for an experienced and expert. Post Doc in Simulation and Heuristics for capacity in the Aviation Sector The position As a Post Doc you will contribute to the research on capacity in the aviation sector. Your research project “Air-freight Schiphol: Capacity and future transport of cargo “ will aim at evaluating the performance of the future mode of cargo transport in the Airport by important carriers in the Netherlands. Simulation will be the main activity of the project and by the end of the contract algorithmic implementations might be used to implement solutions in the study performed. The objective will be to develop models in order to get insight about the operative restrictions that are imposed by the different elements in the system: weather, transport networks and technical restrictions in general and test novel solutions for transporting the cargo by air. Research will be performed to propose solutions for the identified problems. The project lasts for maximum two years in Amsterdam. You will conduct research together with colleagues and industry professionals, and present your research results in academic and professional publications, conferences and the university seminar. You will collaborate with other international research groups of recognized prestige. What we are looking for We are looking for a doctorate-level expert in simulation with experience preferably in the use of SIMIO and C#, the knowledge in the aviation or logistics sector will be highly appreciated. You have a genuine interest in improving the operative problems of the aviation industry through the use of simulation and operations research techniques. You also have excellent verbal and written skills in English. Your Ph.D. thesis was related to similar research on the subject of simulation and operations research preferably focusing on capacity in the Aviation Sector. The department/programme The Aviation Academy was created to serve the European aviation industry. Our mission is to provide the current and next generation of professionals with the skills they need to meet the international aviation challenges of the next 10 to 15 years. Our three main activities are Education, Practical Research and Peer Networking. The Aviation Academy performs practical scientific research around real-world problems in the aviation sector, with the goal of improving and innovating professional practice. As a Post Doc you will participate in all of our three main activities, but your focus will be on practical research. Within the Aviation Academy the Aviation research programme, in conjunction with the aviation sector, conducts applied research into the optimal development and utilisation of the capacity in the aviation sector. The results of this research will benefit companies in the sector and will be used to enhance the educational programme. Information For any questions about this position please contact Dr. Miguel Mujica Mota, assoc. Prof of the Aviation Academy on + 31 06-21158263/m.mujica.mota@hva.nl.. For further information about the Aviation Academy please visit http://www.hva.nl/aviation
  2. Hi I want to calculate at certain moment of a simulation the number of entities crossing an area of the facility window. With this calculation I would get a value such as etities/area. how can i do it?
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