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  1. Hi Glen, I ran into a modelling challenge where i have to build a network based upon user input. First i was planning to create complete graph(fully connected)in simio and using input to activate/deactivate nodes and links. ( But i wasnt looking forward to creating this graph( around 20 nodes and 20*19 edges)) Then i ran into this add-in. This seems like a way more elegant way to solve this! Getting it working was surprisingly easy! I only have one issue, i need the object to be automatically imported upon opening the model( so without the need to click "Load Objects and Links from an external spreadsheet" ). Since opening and and running the model is done through the api in the solution that i am trying to build. I was thinking that it could be possible to create a custom step to call the loading of the object and links, but i guess it wouldn't be possible to add these types of objects to a already running model. Could you advice me on the best way to achieve this? Any help/input is greatly appreciated!
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