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  1. Hi Glen, I ran into a modelling challenge where i have to build a network based upon user input. First i was planning to create complete graph(fully connected)in simio and using input to activate/deactivate nodes and links. ( But i wasnt looking forward to creating this graph( around 20 nodes and 20*19 edges)) Then i ran into this add-in. This seems like a way more elegant way to solve this! Getting it working was surprisingly easy! I only have one issue, i need the object to be automatically imported upon opening the model( so without the need to click "Load Objects and Links from an external spreadsheet" ). Since opening and and running the model is done through the api in the solution that i am trying to build. I was thinking that it could be possible to create a custom step to call the loading of the object and links, but i guess it wouldn't be possible to add these types of objects to a already running model. Could you advice me on the best way to achieve this? Any help/input is greatly appreciated!
  2. Thank you for your reply! That's a very clear story. When i tried to use to route step before i encountered some restrictions which have led me to create my own simple routing logic(so i can see exactly whats going on). I have changed two things in the model you added to illustrate these restrictions. - I added another criteria for the routing to be allowed( in this model BlockedState). When i set this BlockedState to false(in the model after 5 min) I want the entity's to immediately start going to the servers, or at least have step to trigger the routinggroup to attempt it. I cannot find a step like this, is it there? - At this moment when the next entity is created and goes through the route step this entity is the first one to pass(even though the routinggroup is set to FirstinFirstOut), after this first entity the entities are send correctly to the servers. ConstrainedEntityFlowNew2.spfx
  3. I have had encountered this same problem and explored the three options presented. What i find strange is when using the last option (select available only) a lot of entities will queue up at the top source(not more or less equal as with the second option). Why does this happen?
  4. I am trying to build a model which simulates an ambulance process. The model isn't very hard. What i want to do is have the model interact with my own interface. On initializing I want to read in things like what hospital to use distances and the amount of ambulances to dispatch at the start. All of this is not a problem thanks to the easy interaction with excel/csv files when initializing. Now the problem: I also want to be able to influence the model while running from my own interface.(e.g. dispatch more ambulances). I thought about interacting trough a txt file, since there is an option to read/write to a txt. I ran into a problem, because it seems that Simio keeps the text file empty until the end of the run en than writes everything at once. Is it possible to close a text file while running? Or is it necessary to make my own extension? And will that make it possible? Thanks in advance!
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