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    Thank you Glenn, your explanation helped me out a lot. I built the model you suggested and the costs behave as you described.
  2. kcalvi1


    Hello Glenn, Thank you for your response. You answered most of my questions but there is one that I might not have expressed correctly. I have used the financials to assign a cost to a material element which has a stochastic consumption rate, however since it is consumed early in the process (way before entities get to the sink) and that consumption reflects on the results, my question is if these costs are allocated to all units that passed through the station that consumes material or only the ones destroyed. Or, if an entity that consumed material has not been destroyed, the material consumption is not reported in the results. Thanks in advance!
  3. kcalvi1


    Hello all, I have a couple of questions regarding how Simio does the calculations to determine costs presented in the Result tab. 1. How is the average CostPerItem of a ModelEntity calculted, is it based on the NumberInSystem? 2. Does the Average CostPerItem include the Usage Cost charged to entities that have not been destroyed at a Sink at the end of the simulation run? Likewise, does it include material cost which was consumed by an entity that has not been destroyed at the end of the simulation run? 3. In a model that includes several ModelEntity objects (several products), how can consumed materials be charged to each ModelEntity (Assuming the material is consumed in the same server for all products)? Thank you for your help, Kevin
  4. Hello all, How can I make several stations seize the resource which is currently on shift. Let's say server one needs a resource to process a unit (not for the whole processing time but a fraction of it), to model this process I use the seize, delay and release steps in the process window. If I have 3 shifts of operators how can I make my server seize the one on shift. Given that they have breaks, How can this behavior be incorporated. I tried using the decide step, using the resource state and the capacity allocated, but it did not work. Thank you for your suggestions.
  5. Hello, I have created a sub-model with two servers connected by a path that will process n types of entities (i.e. different products that share a work station). In the main model these entities have a table reference assignment (specified at the source) that allows different processing times in each server in the model. If these entities enter the sub-model how can I allow for different processing times? Since there is no source in the sub-model I do not see a way to assign the a reference table (normally done in the source). Thank you for any ideas!
  6. kcalvi1

    Combiner Batch Logic

    Hello, I am having the same problem, however I have not been able to solve it. I have the parent entity associated with a row in a table named Products, and a column named BatchQty with an integer value in the same table. I am using the expression Products.BatchQty to evaluate the Batch Quantity but I get an error that says "Invalid data table reference products". I would appreciate any suggestions on working around this issue. Thank you, Kevin