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  1. Hi, Is there a way to feed distance of a bidirectional path either using a variable or from a data table. My model includes a network, and changing distances of path manually would take forever. I tried creating a Real state variable for distance, but cannot call them same for logical distance. Any help on this is highly appreciated. Rahul Virginia Tech
  2. How to change type of field for multiple fields in a data table? right now i am changing field type from string to transporter list for each field one at a time. Thanks!! Rahul RR
  3. Question 1: Does Simio have any limitation on size of data table? My simulation model needs to have 800 fields (columns) and 50 columns. I tried binding excel sheet, CSV etc but the program becomes non responsive. Is it possible to have such a huge data table? Question 2: How to change type of field for multiple fields? right now i am changing field type from string to transporter list for each field one at a time. Thanks!! Rahul RR Virginia Tech USA
  4. rahulr1988

    Some questions

    That helped! Thank you RR
  5. rahulr1988

    Some questions

    How to align ride station Queue for a vehicle? The vehicle is from 3Dwarehouse, i am trying to place ride queue in such a way that entities look like trailer & vehicle is tractor. But i am not able to align the ride station queue in 3D space to perfection. any suggestions or ideas to get this correct Model_ride station check.spfx RR
  6. Solved it by writing those Tally statistics into an excel file for multiple replications
  7. Hi Dave, I am using tally statistics to record flow through a server at end of each week. I am running my simulation for 8 weeks. The log for interactive run gives me number of entities passed through different servers at end of week (which is exactly what i want). But for an experiment with 10 iterations, the pivot grid gives me average, minimum and maximum for the above tally statistics. But what i want to know is again the number of entities through the those servers at end of each week. Is there any way to get this information which i have multiple replications?? Thanks, RR
  8. Can we use Tally statistics for multiple replications. It is working fine for me with a single replication (interactive run). I want to know how to use it with an experiment with multiple replications RR
  9. Thank you Dave. I am able to change the speed using vehicle.DesiredSpeed. Now i am constrained by the loading & unloading times. Is there way to change this during simulation just like how we changed the vehicle speed? If there is no way to change loading & unloading time dynamically, can i change ride capacity of vehicle during run time? Thnks, RR
  10. Is acceleration & Deceleration of vehicle now possible on Simio? I have speed as distribution for a vehicle. Is it possible to change speed to some other value or infinity during run time? I am trying to have paths with two different speeds. Refer attached model:Vehicle routing_logic_Sep 04.spfx Link between source1 & sink1- I want speed which uniformly distributed (Uniform (40,50)) Link between Source1 & Sink2 - I want a higher speed say Infinity Is this possible? Thanks for the help Regards, RR
  11. rahulr1988

    Vehicles moved on another Vehicles

    More details: Modelling operation of multiple warehouses Objective: To identify strategic requirements for operation of multiple warehouses in a region like (1) number of material handling equipment, (2) number of trucks to transport material Structure: 1) There are multiple warehouses in the specific region (known numbers) 2) Materials within warehouses are moved using material handling equipment like forklift 3) The inventory flow into different ware houses are of stochastic nature – modelled using a distribution 4) Material in the warehouses are loaded into truck using these material handling equipment 5) Some ware houses may have poor inventory flow and other ware houses could have excess material handling requirements. In such cases, equipment are moved from one warehouse to another on trucks. 6) The model is built to evaluate performance of system for a given number of material handling equipment (which will be shared among all WH, and transferred to different Warehouses based on demand) and given number of trucks. Questions on modelling in Simio: 1) Can a vehicle be transported on another vehicle in simio (to model moving forklift on trucks to transfer them to another warehouse where it will start loading material)
  12. I am trying to model a cluster of warehouses and its operation. One of the scenario i am trying to model is movement of material handling equipment (like forklifts) from one Ware House to another on trucks based on demand (of inventory flow). Can this be done on Simio? Regards, Rahul
  13. rahulr1988

    How Vehicles Work - Some details

    The document was very useful in understanding how vehicles work in Simio. I am trying to keep this as base & understand more about the concept of reservation of vehicles. How entities generated reserve transporter and how the model behaves if the only available transporter is in failed condition etc. I have edited Jeff's model to have two vehicles ( Vehicle 1 and 2) which will operate at specific time period (modeled using transporter list). The run period of model is 6 hours. the source generates entities every 2 hours and Transporter changes every two hours. First two hour- Entities generated -4, Vehicle 2 is used Second 2 hours- Entities generated -6, Vehicle 1 is used Last 2 hours- Entities generated -2, Vehicle 2 is used Observation: Now, i tried to play with these vehicles to understand how reservation of transporter works. I made Vehicle 1 to fail forever (up-time-0 & repair time infinity). In the first 2 hour, vehicle 2 picked up all 4 entities and dropped them off. In the second two hour, vehicle 1 is assigned (which is in failed state) and it does not move the 6 entities generated during this time period. In the last two hour, vehicle 2 is assigned which picks up the 2 entities generated during this time period. One important thing to notice was that vehicle 2 did not pick up the 6 entities generated earlier (which was on the Global.Visit request queue). After meddling with the model for sometime, i understood that only vehicle 1 is capable of transporting these 6 entities. I am trying to understand this reservation process. Any insight on why this is happening and how i would be able to make (force) vehicle 2 pick up these 6 entities would be great. I have attached a sample model with which i worked!!!Vehicle Example 1_10March.spfx Rahul
  14. When i have a failed vehicle which will never be available online is responsible for riding entities from a buffer. The entities are allocated to this failed vehicle. How do i avoid these entities being allocated to a failed vehicle - I tried conditioning it on resource state of vehicle. Details of model 2 Vehicles for two weeks of operation. The first vehicle (used in week 1) is always in failed mode. I will have the source generate entities which will be in the buffer. The second week another vehicle is allocated and this moves all the entities generated in second week. But the entities generated in first week stays in the buffer I want the entities generated in second week also to moved to its destination. Model_vehiclefailiure.spfx
  15. rahulr1988

    Clearing buffer

    Is there any way to clear output buffer of source at particular time of simulation (like every 165 th hour and its multiple)