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  1. You can just use a process with a WAIT step. On entity arrival you will fire and event and the process will go on. 

    I also belive that a worker is derived from entity so you can use workers instead of entities. 

    Or the best fitting thing is to use consume step to consume a material (the tools). And have two inventories for it (one near the machine, one in the warehouse of tools). There are some simbits with the basic inventory concepts. 

  2. Hi, Dave,

    I tried to create my own object composite, but if I use the entity reference with AutoCreate inside my LiftTruck, the Lifting device referenced cannot be moved in External View. Do you have any idea of how to solve this?


  3. We have developed an add-in with as many as 60 forecasting algorithms. Input is a table with time series data, output is a table with mean and uncertainity intervals.

    if you have any questions please contact me on tulach@logio.cz

  4. Hi,

    I think there is a misunderstanding about the material. Material is an element and therefore cannot be transfered to a node.

    I believe that this is because it is a more lightweight than the entity. So if you have many materials it will not consume your memory (you have one material and SIMIO just holds information about its quantity). So you can't move one quantity of material.

    What you can do for visualisation purpose is to create an entity acting on behalf of one quantity of material (or more like a box full of bolts). And than move it.

    There is an implementation of using BOM table and Search step to find materials to consume.

  5. Cant open the model (please next time tell us that you use academic version).

    But from my experience this Error is caused by entity haven't end its transfer step.

    If you use transfer into station you must create proces mystation_entered triggered by mystation_entered_event and place EndTransfer step there.

    Otherwise entity hangs in WaitingFor transfer state.

    The other possibility is that another process is already dealing with this entity and is transfering it. This sometimes happen if you search queue or station for entities and try to transfer them. If you don't check carefully for entities already beeing transfered, you get this message.

  6. Hi Glen,

    I used the plugin to import some hundreds of objects and it was too slow and frequently made SIMIO unresponding.

    I used our programmers to change the logic of plugin (problem was frequent comunication between Excel and SIMIO, so they used an array or so instead)

    and we added small lag between inserting objects (something like math.epsilon in simio) to preven freezing.

    And a new progressbar, that will not leave the user in darkness about whats going on.

    Feel free to use it.


  7. You will probably have to start with specification of what is the funcionality and aim of the simulation.

    I can imagine, that different approaches will be used if you are concerned with storage capacity or if you want to simulate utilization of vehicles.

    Other differences apply if you want to have random (chaotic) storage or will have some specific demand for storing different types of pallets.

  8. Hi Dave,

    although I understand this solution (and see that easy use of student licences is usefull in spreading SIMIO in schools) it sometimes prevent commercial users there in forum to help students with their problems.

    Maybe some use of specialized portal edition, where students can upload their models and others can take a look can be a solution.

  9. Happened to me between sprints 120 and 123

    My support ticket:

    I had made some unwise things testing both sprint 123 an 120.

    In one time I swithed from 123 to 120 and then back to 123 and I found all decide steps with no Coditions. All conditions were set to 0.0.

    I know that I should not do this (go back and forth versions) and don't blame your development staff, but I think this behaviour would be interesting for them.

    I just felt back to previous version.

    I don't think there is another option.

  10. Just take a look somehere in help or documentation about Evaluating Transport Request, if token used in this process (so you have to search for tokens as well) is assigned value 0 or less, the entity trying to reserve transport on this vehicle is rejected and have to wait for another try.

    This is just a simple model, for production use (models with multiple locks) it make a good sense to use object approach as David showed in Elevator Simbit. That way you would be able to have logic in one place.

  11. I would think about the lock as like it is a vehicle. Basically lock is nothing but an elevator.

    Use two nodes (one for top level of lock and one for bottom). Then use vehicle to transfer entities from one node to another.

    You can use Evaluating transport request add-on process to check if your ship that is about to enter the lock (be picked up by vehicle) is not bigger than remaining capacity of lock. There is a simbit dealing with this, I bet.

    For this you would probably need to subclass vehicle definition and add some state to vehicle and update it each time you load or unload a ship into the lock.

  12. I want to create library of warehouse objects. This should have a hierarchy (one storage cell, rack composed of those cells and aisles composed of racks), I want vehicles to go through those objects for example enter aisle, than enter rack and cell, after that another cell/cells in rack, than the same in another aisle.

    But vehicle (or entity) have the problem, that thay cannot see through objects they don't know what is behing. So if they are ordered just to move through some objects, thay will fail to do so.

    Is there any good approach to solve this? Or is it better to just have cells and connect them on model level?

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