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  1. Sometimes it helps to have entities inserted into more queues for quicker selection. Something like a card indexes in the libraty. That way you can shorten the search steps time.
  2. Do your parcels have their destinations (carts) or will they go to the nearest cart possible?
  3. Why are you uploading the texts in docx?
  4. Hi, Dave, I tried to create my own object composite, but if I use the entity reference with AutoCreate inside my LiftTruck, the Lifting device referenced cannot be moved in External View. Do you have any idea of how to solve this? Thanks
  5. We have developed an add-in with as many as 60 forecasting algorithms. Input is a table with time series data, output is a table with mean and uncertainity intervals. if you have any questions please contact me on tulach@logio.cz
  6. This is very usefull, (didn't test it, but I use simillar approach without using new object. It is a good idea to crate an object for this.
  7. You should try the simbits (in support Ribbon). Insert keyword (agent) and you will see many use cases with models and description
  8. Hi Glen, I used the plugin to import some hundreds of objects and it was too slow and frequently made SIMIO unresponding. I used our programmers to change the logic of plugin (problem was frequent comunication between Excel and SIMIO, so they used an array or so instead) and we added small lag between inserting objects (something like math.epsilon in simio) to preven freezing. And a new progressbar, that will not leave the user in darkness about whats going on. Feel free to use it. ImportObjectsAndLinksFromSpreadsheetLOGIO.rar
  9. You will probably have to start with specification of what is the funcionality and aim of the simulation. I can imagine, that different approaches will be used if you are concerned with storage capacity or if you want to simulate utilization of vehicles. Other differences apply if you want to have random (chaotic) storage or will have some specific demand for storing different types of pallets.
  10. http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1929&p=6233&hilit=change+sequence#p6233 Here it is discussed
  11. Happened to me between sprints 120 and 123 My support ticket: I had made some unwise things testing both sprint 123 an 120. In one time I swithed from 123 to 120 and then back to 123 and I found all decide steps with no Coditions. All conditions were set to 0.0. I know that I should not do this (go back and forth versions) and don't blame your development staff, but I think this behaviour would be interesting for them. I just felt back to previous version. I don't think there is another option.
  12. I had a model containing those trains. Since train vehicle was not available then, I used my subclassed vehicle with as many stations as I wanted for wagoons. This train had the disadvatage, that it did not animated turning on corners (it was a long vehicle) but for the purpose of simulation it was not necessary. I would recommend to look for train here in forums and change the symbols for cars and locomotives.
  13. I see that if I trace Robot, there are some variables that are updated more times in one step. Is it like that those variables make conection with some other part of robot. So I can use asign step to set varA:= varB/2 and then varA is updated instantly on the change of varB?
  14. Just a note, latest added list shows on the top of Node List Selection. So it is convenient to Add objects to node and immediately allign them.
  15. I always wanted an easy way to make my models look tidy. One of our developers created this add-in which can align and evenly distribute nodes or objects added to a list. I think usage is pretty easy and will help in building models with many nodes etc. Feel free to use it as a early christmas gift from LOGIO. SimioAlignAddon (2).rar Would be nice if someone in SIMIO will integrate the code into standart product in future, so we can just select multiple objects and align with rightclick. Petr
  16. Model Entity bound token can still search through queue. You just need to specify match condition like: ModelEntity.Priority == Candidate.vehicle.priority ModelEntity is bound to the original token and you use the keyword Candidate to specify, that you mean items that are in the queue. Vehicles (and there can be more then one) which match the condition will be associated with the Found Token. So on the Found branch you can use Transfer step.
  17. Do you use Search step to loop through the queue? Each Search step has two endings original and found. The found token is associated with the found object (entity, vehicle whatever) You just use Transfer step on this ending. Search step also has many way to prioritize or match exact condition to find what you want.
  18. Hi, I tried this library and it is a nice thing to work with. Few suggestions: 1.) It took me some time to get the difference between ForwardandBack and LeftandRight. 2.) Crane can, to my great suprise, transfer entities to nodes out of Bay. This happens only if the node is outside bay in the direction of cab movement. If it is outside bay in the direction of Bridge movement, warning appears. 3.)If Crane initialnode must be the same as bridge initialnode, it should be nice to have this set by default. This is not possible in Simio at the moment I think. 4.) It would be nice to have transparent Bay with borders only (Or a choice to . Sometimes we have layout of factory and bay does not look good and hides important things on layout. Ok I found that I can change bay as any other object but still transparent color for objects would be nice. 5.) Crane and other crane components do generate a lot of data in trace. It would be nice to have possibility to swich this off just for some steps inside crane and co. I used it in a model that has a simulation time of 1 month and this made my trace impossible to filter and analyse. 6.) If I have Bridge1 initialNode and CraneInitialNode the same as node where my entities go to be transfered, I get this error. I has something to do with fact, that bridge does not have to move, so it has movement.rate == 0 7.) In one model the lift started to fall into depth. This happens if entity has destination node set to specific and to the same node where it is. (e.g. if TransferNode1 is set to Entitity destination type specific, NodeName = TransferNode1) then crane will fall in the depths.
  19. I dont know if this will solve your problem, but what about cutting sequence into two sequences (one before cutting machines and one after them). On the node where you want to decide which cutter to chose you will use select from list and specify rules for routing (shortest queue for example.). Petr
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