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  1. Hi All I like to see the models uploaded in user forum. But many of these are done using student edition. Whenever I try to open these the following msg comes up. How can I see the student version model in other edition of Simio? Any suggestion will be much appreciated Regards Sazzad
  2. Thanks, good idea So we need to use replication to get different results for each run Even the timer used model results the same results , I mean each row value comes same for every run if we do not use the replication. Got some good idea thanks Sazzad
  3. Hi All I attached a sample model. In this model there are two tables; 1. table 1 where starting date and end date are the input property and 2.Output table where we see the result of randomly selected date between the input time periods. What I see whenever I run the model it always selects the same date, which is not expected.My idea is that as it is random.uniform expression it should be different or sometimes (at least) different every time I run the model. We see this different result when we do this in excel spreadsheet. Does Simio work like that or there are any alternative ways to get different random results. Any suggestion will be much appreciated cheers Sazzad random.spfx
  4. Hi I am trying to create objects by create step and it is always creating one more than it is assigned.When I check the number of objects in the system it always shows 1 additional object. I.e if I want 5 objects, create step creates 6 objects. Any suggestion? Regards Sazzad
  5. Hi Petr Tulach Thanks a lot cheers Sazzad
  6. Hi Christine Thanks a lot for your detail information. That helped me a lot. cheers sazzad
  7. Hi All Can anyone give an idea how I can create tables as below, I mean how they are broken down in three windows. I could not trace the person who built the model from where the snap is taken. Regards Sazzad
  8. Hi My some models do not run in new versions, but run fine with the older versions. On the other hand some models run in new versions, but causes error in older versions. Can anyone suggest me anything about installing and running different Simio versions simultaneously from a system. Regards Sazzad
  9. Hi Dave That is really a very good information. I hope it will help many others. Thanks a lot for your kind reply. Regards Sazzad
  10. Hi Jzhou Thanks a lot for you reply. It worked very well. However, for the users who are not familiar with this, I like to add to Jzhou that after converting the software to 64 bit we need to do file association to this 64bit upgrade. Otherwise if you click any file created in 32bit will not be saved as 64 bit, so far I experienced. Regards Sazzad
  11. Hi All Whenever I install Simio it always comes with 32bit . Is there any option for 64bit? Any suggestion will be much appreciated Regards Sazzad
  12. Hi Dave Very important explanation. It is a good knowledge for me. Much appreciated regards Sazzad
  13. Hi I was trying to add up this column values. It is always showing 3.9999999 instead of 4. I was checking in many ways, and I found it is only the 8th row which gives me 0.2999999 instead of 0.3 . But if I put any other value instead 0.3 the summation is working . Only 0.3 value and it is only for the row number 8 I get this error value. However if I check the trace it has no problem. If I check it by a status level in the facility view it actually shows the values is 0.29999 . I changed my Simio version, nut still It is not working. I can't say my process is wrong as it works for any other value except 0.3. Pls note that 0.3 value for any other row is working fine. what could be the reason. Any suggestion will be much appreciated regards Sazzad
  14. Hi All if we use a property of length with unit(i.e km) and another property of travel rate with unit(i.e km/hr) and I like to divide these two properties in a assign new value , will it give a state value in time(i.e hr) does Simio allow this sort division of units Sincerely Sazzad
  15. Hi All All the cost in Simio I found on time based or use based. If I like to make a cost on distance based (cost /distance)or quantity based(cost /weight) how I can proceed. How can I create a unit type property. Any suggestion will be really appreciated Sincelely Sazzad
  16. Hi All I like to make an output table as below where all the objects instances will be listed in one column and the next columns will be related states. I was able to make the second (capital cost) and 3rd(maintenance) column by a process with add row and assign step, but I was unable to make the fist column. Is it possible to make automatically a list of all object instances of a model this way? Any suggestion will be much appreciated Sincerely Sazzad
  17. Hi Dave Thanks for your kind suggestion Sincerely Sazzad Simulation Analyst SOLOSI Simulation for the Masses
  18. thanks a lot Martin It makes sense sincerely Sazzad Solosi LLC
  19. I found a bullet point stated below in a training material explaining the advantage of flow library in simio. I will be happy if anyone can explain what is meant by segment. I wanted to put the pic of the slide but I couldn't not past it here. Can anyone suggest me how to put image here. .
  20. Just being curious I would like to know when and after which version flow library is added in SIMIO, and when the extended flow library will be available in the software
  21. Just being curious I would like to know when and after which version flow library is added in SIMIO, and when the extended flow library will be available in the software
  22. Hi Is there any inherited Functions list in Simio like Properties and States. For example, entity NumberEntered is a function which is inherited/default in Simio. Where I can find this list of functions Simio provides. Sazzad
  23. when we disable the visibility of of objects then it actually hide all of the objects. But If I like to hide particular one object , how to do that. I can do that if I separately modeled the object. I want to know if generally it can be done when we are on facility view. Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks sazzad
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