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  1. Thanks Willem, Also I had a few other doubts that I was hoping you could clarify. Firstly, in Simio, under select add-in, I do not have the "Load Objects and Links from an external spreadsheet" option. All I have is the "Place Source, Server, Sink" option. Secondly, I am not able to set the output directory file path on Visual Studio. Can you help me out with that as well? Also, can you tell me which one is the assembly file for Simio? is it the .exe file? Guys, any help would be appreciated as I am completely new to this. Thanks.
  2. Hey Guys, Couple of questions- 1. Which one is the Simio Assembly file that I have to copy? Is it the .exe file? 2. In the excel file, would I be able to change the properties to each workstation like exponential distribution, normal distribution, etc.? Thanks
  3. Hey Glen, A couple of questions. They might be simple but I am completely new to this and I want to get it right 1. You say "Right-click the assembly and select properties. Then choose to "unblock" button and press apply". Can you tell me where in Simio is the assembly option? 2. Also, can we add properties like type of distribution for each work station (eg: exponential, uniform, etc.) in the excel file? If we can, would that be automatically reflected in simio when we automatically generate the model? 3. Can you give the C# code for this automatic model generation from excel to simio procedure? Thanks
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