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  1. Hi Jeff, You can use a Resource object to model the unplanned failures and repairs of a crusher or conveyor. The Resource object has unplanned failures built in, and furthermore, can accommodate a shift pattern. When the resource fails, close the flow node and when it is repaired, open the flownode again. I have modified your model to illustrate this concept. There was custom Flow Library shared in the past that contains a "flow server". Basically an object such as a server, but that can handle flow. Development 03.spfx
  2. Hello, I can't seem to open your model, but here is a simple example to illustrate updating flow when processing starts or ends. You can change the rate of flow through the flownode by applying similar state assignments using the Output@Tank1.FlowRegulator.CurrentMaximumFlowRate expression. Dynamically Update Flow.spfx
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