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  1. Hello, I am trying to combine different types of entities (coming from different sources) using a combiner. Layout: 1. One source connected to the parent node of a standard library combiner. 2. Two sources (each with a different entity) connected to the MemberInput of the combiner. I saw the Simbit but I am struggling with the matching logic for this configuration. I tried: - Matching Rule: 'Match Members' - Member Match Expression: ModelEntity.BatchMembers.IndexOfItem( Entity2) && ModelEntity.BatchMembers.IndexOfItem( Entity3) This is a rather simple problem but I would appreciate a quick hint. Larger picture: Assembly of many parts into a product with each part represented as an entity. Thanks, Michael
  2. I appreciate the quick response. The idea is, ideally, to use one single source object which releases hundreds of different types of entities, each with their own corresponding supply distribution. These different entities would then be combined to a few parent entities for further processing (> assembly process). I understand that one source object can be used to release different entities as I would like (e.g. using a product mix table) but I did not find a way to specify interarrival times between the same type of entity (opposed to interarrival times between different random entities). If I understand it correctly, I would instead create hundred+ sources each connected with the corresponding entities and connect all sources with one single combiner. I was not sure if there was a more intelligent way to do this (e.g. import all entities + corresponding distributions into a table). I hope this explanation helps. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am building a model which consists out of hundreds of different entities. Instead of creating hundreds of sources, I am seeking to release all entities out of one single source according to individual entity specific distributions. I have seen examples which specify a product mix table and interarrival times but this would not capture the simultaneous release of the entities. I would appreciate, if someone could point me towards a smart approach. Thanks!
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