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  1. Should I code in a way that Simio changes the file element based on the replication number?
  2. Thanks for your reply Tulach. I dont know how to tell Simio to record result of each replication in a separate file and not overwrite the previous rep. Can you let me know how? Thanks
  3. Hi, So no one knows how to do it? Or it is too obvious? Thanks
  4. Hi How can I define the selection weight of a path using a state variable? it is supposed to change throughout the run. Can I used a table to do that? if yes, how? Thanks
  5. Hi I wonder how I can write the results of multiple replications of a model in a single file. In other words, Simio doesn't write over previous run data. Thanks
  6. Hi there I am trying to import an entity into a new model and use it. I built before in a previous project... please advise. Thanks Ali
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