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    Randomly visit every node only once

    Ok. It works the way I need. Thanks a lot!
  2. jpkapinha

    Randomly visit every node only once

    This example works really fine but one Detail is missing. I'm working with free space and I can't send the entities to the sink. They will just stay at the last Server Output buffer waiting. So I created a process that runs 'on exited' in each Server. A decide step checks if 'ModelEntity.Server1Processed + ModelEntity.Server2Processed + ModelEntity.Server3Processed' == 3' and if it is true, should send the entity to the Input node of the sink. The Problem is that the entity still stays in the last Server Output. If on the decide step I define '... == 2' it goes directly from the second processed Server to the sink. Any idea?
  3. Hi I want to randomly send one entity to 3 diferent nodes, but each entity can only visit each node once. I.e., Entity 1 will travel 'Source -> NodeA -> NodeB ->NodeC -> Sink' and entity 2 will travel 'Source -> NodeB -> NodeA ->NodeC -> Sink' and so on. Right now I'm using Routing by sequence, but it only verifies the rule to visit every node but not randomly... So the last nodes from the list are becoming the bottleneck when they are not. I could also create individual sequence tables for each possibility, but in my model I Need around 1000 diferent routes so that's not a good Option. Any idea? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I'm modeling a warehouse. I did the put-away part and now I'm working on the picking process. I have two vehicles picking all day. Each one should follow a picking list (Product 1 - ShelfA - 5 pieces, Product 2 - Shelf D - 15 Pieces, and so on). Do you have any suggestion of how can I specify the route for the vehicle, making it travel trought all picking nodes in the list (right now I'm not considering the vehicle maximum capacity) and in the end go to the final Destination to dropoff all items? After that it should start a new picking list and continue the cicle. The vehicle should also start the picking travel just when all picking list items are available. Right now I have the 'Fixed Route', but the vehicle goes to the right nodes but even when they are empty. Any suggestion will help me! Thanks!