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  1. Thank you so much for your response and help Oxana
  2. Hi, I have again a similar question with the cycle time and WIP. But this time, I will like to know the cycle time and WIP for each machine in my process. For example, one process is called SrvRipSaw, for the CT I used this expression: SrvRipSaw1.InputBuffer.Contents.AverageTimeWaiting + SrvRipSaw1.ProcessingTime, and for WIP I used this one: SrvRipSaw1.InputBuffer.Contents.AverageNumberWaiting Can someone help me to see if these expresions are correct or which ones I can use? Thanks Oxana
  3. Thank you for your help. I ran the experiment and now it is working. oxana
  4. Hello Everyone This question has probably been answered before, but i could not find any post making mention. I'm simulating a Value Stream Map. When I do the experiment I add three responses Throughput, Cycle time and WIP. For Cycle time I used this expression: ModelEntity.TimeInSystem.Average, and for WIP I wrote: ModelEntity.NumberInSystem.Average However, these two expressions are not working. Does anyone know which could be the correct expression that I can use?? I will appreciate a lot your help. Thanks.