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  1. Thanks everybody for the great contributions , i will try all the suggestions and get back with the results . Thanks again, Malseiari
  2. I tried the solution suggested by Adam, however using a Delay in the processing made the processing of server pause until the delay is over and the resource released then continued processing. I want to release the resource after fixed time without pausing the server. The server seizes the resource once the entity is processing . I tried using timer with timer event to release the resource after fixed time, I am getting this message once I run the model. Thanks Malseiari
  3. Greetings, I am building a model which requires 20 entities to arrive at the first hour then four hours of break with no arrivals . Then repeat the same pattern of arrival of 20 for one hour and four hours break in between. I have been using the arrival schedule and use the rate of 20 in the first hour and 0 in the next four hours . However I am not getting 20 entities exactly with this arrival schedule and it is always less than 20. Is there away to force the exact number of entities arriving per hour? Thanks M Alseiari
  4. Thanks Adam, next time i will post all the details you have mentioned.
  5. Hi I am trying to model a process with Server seizing a resource for fixed amount of time then releasing it before the Sever processing is over. I tried using a timer with TimeInState as an interval time to check period the resource has been busy then trigger an event after fixed time to release the resource .This has not been working and I am getting an error massage . Could any body suggest away to do this ? Thanks Malseiari
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