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  1. Hi. I wanted to ask if there is any simple way to select ONE out of couple of alternative destinations specified in a data table? I.e. I have the machines grouped into three manufacturing cells, lets say ProductType A can be produced on machines 1 OR 2 OR 3 within Cell1. Input nodes of each cell are specified in the NodeList. I want to route the entity to one of these 3 machines based on this ResourceState(idle). Any ideas? Detailed description along with the base model can be found in this topic http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1765
  2. Hello everybody, Is there any way to collect state statistics for each candidate from population of i.e. vehicles without sub-classing this object? I have i.e. v1ehicle with a population of 8, I want to have the number of movements for each of this 8 forklifts. Can I do it without subclassing vehicle object or making 8 seperate state statistics elements? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have dealt with this problems. Regarding deadlocks - two travelers passing through the same node(i.e. BasicNode) in a different directions are getting into a deadlock and get blocked. However, as I need to count only the movement numbers i have set transporters to run in a free space. Another problem which I encountered and I really count on any help is: As I explained previously, I want the worker to be seized each time the batch of products is finished by the workstation. I succeded to seize the workers, however, one machine sometimes is seizing more than one worker and I have the
  4. Thank you for the explanation. I forgot to mention that this treshhold value should be incremented by 2 each time the batch is produced but when it finishes the last batch it should be reseted back to 2. I have tried using following syntax - Math.If(MonitorBatchesProduced.CurrentThresholdValue ==Press.ProcessingActivity.BatchesRequiredFor(PlantEntity), 0, MonitorBatchesProduced.CurrentThresholdValue +2 ) but it results with following error: How can I overcome that issue? Search step before this assignment? Ps. How can I deal with transfer deadlock situations?
  5. Do you mean to create enumeration property? I think I have managed to do that. Thank you so much for your help! Ps. How can I define a search expression to search the list of transporters and find a free transporter? I have tried with Candidate.Object.Is.MyVehicle (subclassed object MyVehicle) but it always finds me the same Vehicle - MyVehicle1. I want that search to find MyVehicle2 when MyVehicle1 is currently transporting something. This is because I want to assign the number of moves from A to B and B to A and now I am getting this value assigned only for MyVehicle1 Addition
  6. I was trying, cannot find a solution for that...
  7. Thank you. I could manage to seize specific workers but how can I sezie them from a list which is in my main model? I am creating a transporter list property in my machinery object Creating a seize process, but i cannot refer to the operatorsList from my main model. Any suggestions...?
  8. Hello, Is there any efficient and easy way to seize a worker from the main model into a main model? I have my main model which is the entire plant and a sub-model which has only machinery objects. The sub-model is placed into the main model and I want to seize an available worker which is placed in the main model every time the batch on my workstation(within submodel) has been proccessed. Could you please give me any tips how can I overcome this issue? best regards, Dariusz
  9. Thank you gocken! Your help has been exteremly useful! I appreciate it a lot. I have solved batching in a slightly different way. However I am having other difficulties. I.e. the orders which are being processed are parked at the node. I want to unpark them and send to Sink1 as soon as produced materials corresponding to that order enters Sink2 and collect statistics. Additionally, also while entering Sink2 I want to increse QualityAvailable state by the Volume produced, however while assigning this state simio sends me an error that ''simio referenced definition type XXX does not matc
  10. thank you. I understood the concept also from the printscreens you added. The problem is that I need to track operator movements and this batched entities are waiting to be moved from output at stacker to a container by the operator...should I use then create step and create amount of OrderVolume/BatchSize? I am completely lost... edit: Problem solved.
  11. Thank you. I have tried using the approach with the materials element. I've used ''auto-create'' as suggested so it has created material elements for me. However my concern is regarding batching. How can i batch ''produced'' units if they dont exist as entities but as materials. You mention about workstation and BOM structure but BOM is very simple...it takes a part of material and by a single press hit a specific amount of products is created. In such a case I dont think there is a sense in creating BOM. In the press logic I want to use steps ''consume'' and ''produce'' instead of create,
  12. Adam, Gocken, thank you for your input. I have been trying to approach it in a different way so it doesnt create that many entities. However, I couldn't keep a track on the amount of specific goods produced. The model is not entirely finished this is why there might be some empty "decision" steps and worker behaving in a strange way. Any suggestion of how can I keep a track on the goods manufactured and their amount without creating 800k of entities? Let me first explain you the aim. I am working on my final thesis project, where I took a real system under the study. Now I am creatin
  13. Hello everobody, I've encountered a following problem with running simulation in Simio. I am in a testing phase of just the logic of my model, however during a simulation run for 5h and limitations of 4-5 orderes created I get an message saying that number of tokens exceeded 100k, when i continuee simulation it goes on until 98% where it completely stops, simio doesnt respond and the only solution is to restart the software. I include a model as an attachement. Maybe somebody would be able to find out where is the problem. Thanks in advance for any help. NewLogicModel v4 MAIN.spfx
  14. Of course I encountered another problem... I am trying to use reference group properties and I am already about to lose my mind because of it. Could anybody please take a look at my model(attached) and tell me how can I create MACHINE+Stacker as a seperate model, which will be using data table from the main model and will be placed within the main model. Edit: I've solved that problem.
  15. The tool worked flawlessly. Thanks a lot, it solved my issues
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