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  1. I have a state vector where all but one indexed value must be zero. This oddball cannot be zero. I want to initialize it in the Definitions window. Can someone explain how to do this in a general sense? I.e., in general, what if I want to initialize every index with a unique value?


  2. Follow-up:

    Now, attached is a screenshot of my database table. I want to get the value of Station1Pressure with a DBRead step and put it into "ModelStation1Pressure" state.

    I guess what I really need is a better definition of what "Columns" and "Where" properties in the Basic Logic of the step really means and how they are different from the "Where Column" and "Where State". It seems to be that they actually do nearly the same things.

    Clearly this doesn't make sense.




  3. Hello

    I'm trying to build a (very) simple simulation that accesses a data variable from MS Access (2007). I have a table called "CurrentValues", with a couple columns named Station1Pressure and Station1Temperature.

    For my sim, in the first instance, I just want to read in (DBRead step) in the values; so, I have process that reads the value when I click a button.

    Eventually, I want to update the database value with a form in Access and see the change when I click the event button in Simio.

    Note: The database (Sample.accdb) and the sim are in the same directory.

    First problem is, after I define the Element reference (DbConnect), I set the "Connection String" to the database file, (Sample.accdb) and the "Provider Name" to "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" as noted in another post. Unfortunately, I get the error attached.

    (I'll start with that since if I can't get through the first step, the following ones are irrelevant.)



  4. Hi All

    I would like help to build a custom (subclassed) node that, OnInitialized, would populate a lists of inbound and outbound path in each node. Ideally, it would also determine and store each path's length or travel time, and whether the path is available or not (this would probably require a subclassed path as well). I want this done dynamically (automatically) because I will likely have hundreds of nodes in my model and populating (and re-populating) these lists would be very time consuming and not very conducive to an efficient design process where paths and nodes would be added/subtracted throughout the design process.

    First, I guess, actually...is dynamic list population possible?

    Any thoughts?


  5. Hi All

    This has probably never really come up for most of you, but is there a way of using a button to open an external file (like a PDF)? I just want the system to open a reference document from within a simulation. It's ok (actually preferable) for the file to open outside Simio; it just makes for a good contact to relevant supporting information.


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